Francis Scott Key bridge collapse

Let’s not discount Biden’s concerns here. He crossed this bridge many times, both by train and by car.

Direct from the whitehouse page:

"At about 1:30, a container ship struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which I’ve been over many, many times commuting from the state of Delaware either on a train or by car. "

White House still hasn’t corrected the statement (screen shot so that it’s preserved once they catch it and edit):


I heard that yesterday. The man is losing it big time yet will be staunchly defended by the usual suspects.

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at least he never crossed it in a submarine…

Maybe someone could work up a “biden crossing the Patapsco” on a train meme.


Well, not on a train, but …


It looks like the collapsed bridge is blocking an unspecified number of military-transport vessels. There were reportedly six of the ships in Baltimore as of January 31.

Six of those RRF ships — all roll-on/roll-off cargo ships — are assigned to Baltimore, according to the list. Those include the SS Antares, the MV Cape Washington, the MV Cape Wrath, the MV Charles L. Gilliland, the SS Denebola, and the MV Gary I. Gordon.

Breitbart News asked the DOD to confirm how many NDRF and/or RRF ships were stuck in Baltimore, but the agency has not responded.

The container ship reportedly had serious electrical problems and should not have left the port.

Container Royalty co-administrator Julie Mitchell said the ship was having issues 48 hours before the crash.

“Those two days, they were having serious power outages… they had a severe electrical problem. It was total power failure, loss of engine power, everything,” she said. (CNN)

Mitchell claims the refrigerated containers tripped breakers on the ship multiple times and mechanics tried fixing the issue.

Mitchell said that power problems are rare on cargo ships like the Dali and that it should never have left the port until the issue was fixed.

Does intentionally ignoring dangerous problems mean that the resulting crash is no longer an accident?

Aren’t many accidents a result of some form of negligence?

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Almost no accident is caused by just one thing.

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Good point. Most big accidents are caused by a series of events leading up to the disaster. But much of it is negligence.

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I see libs are preparing their talking point in how this bridge collapsing is going to effect American economy with higher prices etc.


A fresh coat of clown makeup. :rofl:


Yes, that was the philosophy back in the 1970s when drunk drivers rarely served jail times even when they killed other people.

It was an accident. He did not know what he was doing since he was drunk . . .

New camera angle from the neighboring Jersey DOT.


"Paths are being cleared to get ships past the mangled wreckage at the Key Bridge collapse site to the Port of Baltimore.

U.S. Coast Guard Captain David O’Connell, the federal on-scene coordinator for the Unified Response to the bridge collapse, said in an exclusive interview with CBS News two auxiliary channels are planned to open Monday: one along the northeast section of the channel, and one running along the south."

Temporary channels to Port of Baltimore planned around Key Bridge collapse site - CBS Baltimore

Confirming my optimism that they will have that port open soon.

Another huge container ship lost power as it was approaching a major bridge. This time it was in New York harbor next to the Verrazzano Bridge, and fortunately the ship was able to stop just in time.

Amazing coincidences continue!

It did not lose power. You should read the article.

They’re are going to be stories drawing parallels for a bit due to the nature of the disaster.

Yes, reading is fundamental:

A massive container ship lost propulsion power in the waters around New York City and was brought to a rest near the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge Friday night — less than two weeks after failure on another massive cargo vessel caused it to smash into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge.

Yeah propulsion. It didn’t lose power which is what happened in Maryland

And it had tugboats and it regained propulsion

These stories are going to show up due to the nature of the disaster because for you history of these stories started in Maryland…. Hence your coincidences comment

The Baltimore container ship lost propulsion power as well as electrical power.

The loss of either could result in a crash.