Frame Trump! Frame Trump! Frame Trump!


No…we don’t agree on anything. Congress gets nothing done because both sides are useless.


Who has been posting from your account all the other times you’ve discussed him?


I do agree that Republicans and Democrats are useless, but not Trump and his staff. Because He’s trying to do number 10 of things, by thee time that most(Republicans and Democrats) are done by simply just 1 or 2 things of either side of thee spectrum. They take there sweet time intentionally, and have for over 40+ years. That way they can make excuses for getting paid and doing their jobs for absolutely nothing! 0 zero! and that is why they all hate Trump ultimately! lol. lmao!


I don’t think that you actually comprehend what “Konssurvative1” and I was talking about.
Or at least you don’t understand what I responded to him with. Because what you said doesn’t have any logic to what I answered with him was.


Jesus with the sob story. It is Tourette’s syndrome and it is not curable. You didn’t have it, if you did you still have it.


You’re correct in saying I don’t comprehend what you are talking about much of the time.


See I disagree…What I am talking about is one side simply refusing to let a vote occur, or simply refusing to allow confirmations to occur. Back 25 years ago. or 20 years ago. Newt Gingrich…say what you will about him…as speaker of the house got ■■■■ done. He worked with Clinton to get the contract for America done, welfare reform done, and a lot of other stuff I don’t remember. Even under Bush 43, congress worked hard to work with Bush.

It all fell off the rails after the health care vote…when Republicans won back the house and then the senate. They dug in and as a way of punishing democrats and OBAMA they refused to allow anything to happen. This continues today. And if the democrats win back the house and or the senate, this will then go on and they will refuse to allow Trump and republicans to get anything passed or even brought to a vote.

I am so sick and tired of the I’m taking my ball and going home ■■■■■■■■ out of Washington. it is why I buck republicans so hard. I always felt that Republicans were better than this. They aren’t. And at the age of 52 I am extremely disillusioned.

I may come off as siding with liberals and democrats that is only because the left has gone more left and the right has gone more right. I and many liberals have stood firm on our overall beliefs. And because of that we look more moderate. What has changed is the extreme views that many conservatives and liberals here now espouse as mainstream. And maybe they are…I just haven’t changed with them.

I can’t support some loud mouth bully who thinks that just because he says it in some speech somewhere it has to be true. How can anyone sit there after yesterday’s speech in Wisconsin and say this guy is presidential. He attempted to rewrite HISTORY yesterday with that lie…that he’s the first president since Eisenhower to win the State of Wisconsin. Nixon '60 but lost the election, Nixon '68 and '72, Reagan '80 and '84…Just because he says it doesn’t make it true.

When something good happens, I give him credit…but that doesn’t happen often…and when it does…he snatches credit right back by doing something loud mouthed, boorish or bullyish or flat out tells the American people a Full Blown LIE!


There is no cure, but treatment and medications can lessen the severity so much that it is almost as if you don’t have it. Treatment often works well enough that people can lead almost completely normal lives. True there is no cure…but it can seem like someone is cured when treatment works so well.


You do know that the Manafort case is an accusation that is 12/13 year old so couldn’t possibly have anything do to with Trumps campaign and it certainly exceeds Muellers scope who was charged with looking into opposition research of the 2016 election. You’d have to be a fool to think that its nothing but putting Manafort into a literal legal chokehold to flip on Trump. Its a disgusting display of intimidation. And BTW, its not going to work. :roll_eyes:


No i know, i am just being snarky.


You realize that Manafort challenged the appointment of the special counsel, saying it violated the law, and that therefore all charges against him should be dismissed.

You realize he did that right?

He said the appointment of Mueller should not have happened, and therefore the charges should be tossed.

You know what the judge told him?


"Go ■■■■ yourself, Mr. Manafort. The appointment of the special counsel was done properly, and more so, he has the authority to bring criminal charges for any crime he uncovers during the course of his assignment.

Now, I suggest you get ready for trial, Mr. Manafort.

And if the charges against you are true, you best be prepared to die in prison.

Good day, Mr. Manafort"

So that is how Paulie went to prison.


Once again, if you can count that is, Manafort is dealing with charges more then a decade ago, that means over 10 years. It may well turn out badly for him but whatever the outcome it has nothing to do with Trumps campaign! But the drooling Trump haters thinking that Manafort is their path to Trumps destruction are foolish and pathetic.


Of course it has something to do with Trump. Trump hired a guy to be his campaign manager that had acted as a foreign agent and he didn’t declare himself as such.



As campaign manager, Manafort oversaw the changes to the GOP platform that went soft on Russia and threw Ukraine under the bus. That is probably because Manafort had acted as a foreign agent for hard-line Russian interests and worked hand-in-glove with the compromised candidate to do the bidding of Russia, a nation that is hostile to the US.

So, yes, it has everything to do with the Trump campaign.

Now Paulie faces life in prison. Unless he has some facts he’d like to share…


Well thank you for mocking me. I took clonidine(a blood pressure med) for it, until I was about 18. If you look up thee actual definition of turrets syndrome, then you would already know and realize that most of the symptoms get better naturally as one gets older, and into adulthood.
I apologize if the pain that I had as a child and the constant ridicule that I had at school, makes you think less of me, by me telling you all of this made you pity me. Because that is not what I wish for, or ask for. But for some reason you seem to have to mock me, and that makes you happy?


I find it fascinating that you chose Keyser soze as a screen name to me.
here is what Wikipedia says about him; Keyser Söze (/ˈkaɪzər ˈsoʊzeɪ/ KY-zər SOH-zay) is a fictional character and the main antagonist in the 1995 film The Usual Suspects, written by Christopher McQuarrie and directed by Bryan Singer. According to petty con artist Roger “Verbal” Kint (Kevin Spacey), Söze is a crime lord whose ruthlessness and influence have acquired a legendary, even mythical, status among police and criminals alike. Further events in the story make these accounts unreliable, and, in a twist ending, a police sketch identifies Kint and Söze as one and the same. The character was inspired by real life murderer John List and the spy thriller No Way Out, which featured a shadowy KGB mole.

So basically he was a very evil man. So I’m very curious what relation you would feel with him to make you make such a screen name? Especially since Kevin Spacey played that role, but also played the role in American Beauty. Which the main party of that movie was about an old man taking advantage of a young naive underaged girl. Is there possibly any relations between your morality and the morality of what your persona portrays to really be?


It’s ok. Most of thee time throughout most of my life, I’ve only been able to relate with people whom were very smart and 15-25 years older than me, or people whom tested with genius IQ levels. It sucks honestly, because I’d prefer to just be normal, and to be related with normal people.


OK. Thanks for clearing that up for me.


You’re welcome.


My curse in life is knowledge. At first I wanted it(knowledge of everything in life), but know I haven’t wanted it for years on end. But it is my burden in life.