Frame Trump! Frame Trump! Frame Trump!


Cool story, bro.


Tottally bro. Are you going to respond to any of my questions or not?


Didn’t think so. I don’t have any expectations of most Democrats on here. At least not intellectual or intelligence wise.


So are you planning to ever use any of this devastatingly isolating encyclopedic knowledge here on the forum? Or do you use this space to sort of stretch your legs and see how the other half lives?


Tourette’s. I am not mocking you, i am mocking your online persona. But nice try



It’s who not whom oh genius level genius


finally… you discovered your true calling. an officer in the internet grammar police force.


And i carry an oversized typewriter with corrective tape. Genius level geniuses should know better amiright?

I mean that’s to whom he relates and who he he feels closer to, so may be he should better than all of us as he goes through “thee” life with “Turrets”


capitalize your second word.

yes… your post is funny. he he. But laughing at your own humor is bad form. :grinning:



He writes with purpose. I write quickly and don’t proof read. He didn’t write it once by mistake, he wrote it believing to be the correct use of “whom”. Period.

There are plenty of smart may be even genius level posters on this board. Be they left or right they simply get on their phone or some other device and wipe the floor with the competition. They don’t sit there proclaiming their genius or their knowledge of science or philosophy. They simply argue and they simply win. Not sure why i am defending my point to you lol guess i am bored


you have a point.

It’s kinda like libs proclaiming their support for the illegal immigrants but won’t take in the illegal men and women into their own homes. Yeah. You are right.


Thank you, your strange veering is duly noted


He fully identifies with the Trumpster himself.


100% false.

This must be so confusing for you, as Q-anon hasn’t explained it away and you’re without any fellow pizzgaters to hold your hand through the federal trial of Paul Manafort.


You are a trumpist because of how you revere his every word and action. For his acolytes like you Trump can do no wrong. Even if he does or says something that goes against your own beliefs you will explain it away. Look how many of you made excuses for Trump when he signed the budget. Suddenly the years of crying let the government shut down when silent. Plus he was given a 100% pass for signing a budget that maintained funding for Planned Parenthood. I have no issue with someone who vehemently opposes abortion but they lose all credibility when abortion is no longer an issue for them because it would mean being critical of the President.


One of the best posts I’ve seen on here thus far ever!


Deplorable this and Trump worshiper that, and KKK this, and blah blah blah.
I didn’t hear a word you just said. lol.


You started your post as though you were writing for libs. Only libs would get that little tingle when reading such words about Trump supporters. Everyone else will move to the next post.



Normally if it says Cnn, or MSNBC in the corner of your screen, it’s probably tainted or inaccurate information. Honestly, I don’t know how those people still have a job. lol.
I guess it does help that ABC, and NBC are mainstream companies that support those companies, and their sister networks. These are also the same fake news organizations that said that Trump was a joke and had no chance of even winning the Republican nomination.
They kept coming out with statistics, and most of them were simply tainted and falsely biased statistics.