Frame Trump! Frame Trump! Frame Trump!


Seriously hate it!


Since you won’t answer my inquiry about what a Sketzoid is…from here on out…Ill assume you are not serious and being an Ass as you stated…and not give your posts the time of day!


Dyslexics of the world untie!



In season 2 of Presidential Apprentice, we find out that the Deep State, still run by Barack Obama, is closing in on Dapper Donny and his MAGA troll bodyguards. Barack had been planning the takedown of Donny since 2012, and now the evil plan was about to come to fruition!

Stay tuned!


Gee, you knew who he was before. Whatever could’ve happened.


Cool story bro.


Don’t worry about me…i make more fun of myself than anyone ever could. But what I learned is that it’s a gift. I think in pictures…so I see my thoughts in real time. Like a motion picture…


how does it help me… politically?


Um, you now want to pretend you don’t know about Manafort, who was with Trump’s campaign?


sounds like a fruit and cheese snack … mango and roquefort cheese.

Ahhhh… I’m not a wonk. Don’t care who is who really.


Just seems to be a pattern. Maybe not with you, I haven’t paid attention, but anyone who’s worked on the Trump team and gets in trouble with Mueller or critizes Trump’s policies, all of a sudden it’s 'Who? Never heard of them"


Anybody else catch this beat down that Rod Rosenstein delivered to Jim Jordan?

Pretty entertaining to see how far anti-American ass hats like Jim Jordan will go to discredit patriots like Rosenstein, however in the end it will be the Jordans that end up on the trash heap of history.


Ha, good for Rosenstein.


It’s like the opening skit of a SNL show. No wonder nothing gets done in Congress!


Assume what you which to. That is entirely up to you. However, if you do assume, it is better not to fuss about it later on, if you’re wrong.


Since you keep whining, I shall give you an answer.
I’m using Sketzoid as a slang word for schizophrenia. If you don’t know what that is,
or would like my two cents on that also, then it would be this; People who tend to hear or see things that aren’t real. A failure to understand reality.


I knew that we would agree on some thing sooner or later! So we are both in agreeance, that the reason nothing gets done in Congress is because it’s like Saturday Night Live. All of the Democrats aren’t getting anything done. Cause SNL is almost nothing but Liberal Democrats.


Actually, schizoid usually refers to a personality disorder, where schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder.



I work in mental health…as a profession. And thank you for not making the basic assumption that a schizophrenic has multiple personalities like so many people do.

With that said was calling some one a schetzoid worth it.


Yeah he was close enough for grins…