Frame Trump! Frame Trump! Frame Trump!

How sick do you find it that Barrack Insane Obama, Lorretta Lynch, and James Comey had to make sure that Hillary got off the hook, and that they had to come up with an excuse to frame Trump because Hillary and the Democrats are so pathetic? It’s thee Democrats corruption at its finest levels! No wonder Chicago is so Liberal Democrat! It’s been corrupt for over 100 years! lol. Talk about sanctioned cities and illegal Democrats! lol. This is where the Democrats literally implode upon themselves for being so ignorant, and down right no common sense stupid because they do nothing but constantly contradict what they supposedly stand for like equality.

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Trump in a Frame you say?



Trumpist idiots are triggered. Manafort’s case getting the green light from Honorable Judge Ellis seems to have them worried. Mueller did not exceed his scope.

Time to drop the axe and, as when dealing with other snakes, aim for the neck at the top.

Good luck, Trumpists!

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Looks like someone’s getting real worried about the midterms.

I don’t even know who this Manafort guy is. So I dont really care.

What is a Trumpists? does that mean because I voted for Trump that I’m automatically an ist or a phobic, or hate anything or anyone. Would you make sure that you add an ist or phobic also of any animal, or insect, or thing, or air, or cars, or everything in life in general. That way we can just get all of your bs out of the way right now. lmao.

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Did you live in a cave the past few years? Or are you suffering Dory levels of amnesia?

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Heard three minutes of a radio show today and they are already BIGLY worried!

"If you have a lousy, no good, do nothing, can’t be trusted RINO in your district JUST VOTE! PLEASE! PLEASE!



It’s a level of desperation I have never heard. And it’s June!


Still stuck on that I see? Are you sketzoid? I’m here for you if you’re?

it does seem the stress level of Trump voters is up these days. i think that defending him daily would drive even the most dedicated Trump Republican crazy.

I’ve heard the name alot. Do I need him for anything? no.

Not at all. Thee truth shall shine through finally. Of course that will only happen, because of Trump.

For a Democrat you’re not very nice. Maybe you should say another prayer for thee meanness you feel?

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we are taking a break now. SCOTUS is defending him.

or maybe the stress level is up because Trump’s tariffs are actually hitting home for them (and destroying some families while Trump dines on lobster and plays golf).

What do thee Democrats have to hide? What are they so afraid of? exposing thee truth finally? Can you handle the truth?

This is not going to help with their stress.

Yeah, you’re right. How many vacations did Obama take when important things were on thee table, as if it were nothing? Tariffs? While Obama has been in office we went from 11 trillion in debt with the Democrats controlling the house, senate, and presidency to 19 trillion. I dunno if you know how to add or not, but that’s almost double the debt! So let Trump dine on lobster and golf, because at thee end of the day, he’s a lot more productive, and smarter than any of the Democrats combined! lmao!