Hannity Says Cohen Was Probably Forced by Prosecutors to Change His Story

The agreement itself states that no disclosure is to be made to his family members. Get it?

How does that make the payment “not” campaign money? Cohen even said in court that the payment was made in order to have an effect on the election.

If our parents had Internet during Watergate, would they have had to deal with Nixon defenders like this?

If so, I’d like to think that the Nixonians would have had better arguments.

Another disappointment is coming your way.
Yesterday, you were high. Today you are a little unsure what this means. Tomorrow you will be try to think on something else to get your mind off of this. Next week you will forget yesterday even happened. In November you will cry.


Here’s what I’ve been humming all day…

says the guy who a little more then month ago claimed he had no idea who manafort was

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If Trump had paid Stormy Daniels from his own bank account, it would likely not be a campaign finance violation.

But that’s not what happened. A shell company paid Stormy Daniels, funded by fraudulent loans taken out by Michael Cohen.

Remember, the federal judge in California temporarily ruled that Avenatti couldn’t depose Cohen and Trump while the criminal investigation was ongoing… tick tock, the time is running out…

I heard a good conspiracy theory today: Davis is offering up Cohen to make Hildawg happy.

Tapes aren’t irrelevant. Trump’s statements aren’t irrelevant. Deposit receipts aren’t irrelevant. Statements under oath aren’t irrelevant. Giuilani’s statements aren’t irrelevant.

Keep drinking your koolaid, though. You now support a dude who’s under federal investigation as an unidicted co-conspirator. You dun got played, sucka!

If Trump had paid Stormy Daniels from his own account AND declared it as a contribution to his campaign, it wouldn’t be a violation.

If he had paid her out of his own account with an understanding that it was to affect the outcome of the election and did NOT report it, it would be a violation.

There’s no limit to his direct contributions.

But they doublehosed it by funneling the contribution through Cohen, who IS subject to a limit, hence his guilty plea on Excessive Campaign Contribution.

Also, if he paid her directly from the campaign, he would have had to report it. I guess he could have lied about what it was for.

He probably would have avoided any charges if he had just paid her out of his own pocket. He’d be in a much better position to claim he was paying her for non-campaign reasons if he had just done it himself.

If he had declared it as a campaign contribution, he’d also have to report where the money went, and justify why - which somewhat defeats the purpose of an NDA.

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trump is never going to use his own money if he can avoid it.

Good points. I guess the lesson is that, if you’re running for President, from a campaign finance law perspective, it’s a lot easier if you don’t feel compelled to pay hush money a few weeks before the election to porn stars and playboy bunnies with whom you’ve had affairs and especially don’t do it through your lawyer/fixer and for god’s sake don’t make him commit fraud to secure a HELOC to make the payment while you dither on paying him back and he’s paying the interest on the HELOC and you eventually get around to paying him back a little at a time each month and then let it get out that you paid one and have your lawyer/fixer accidentally or on purpose break the terms of the NDA allowing the recipient of one of your hushmoney payoffs to feel free to talk about it in public and for ■■■■■■ sake don’t let your lawyer/fixer pay the hushmoney out of the account of the shell company he created to conduct other illegal business and tax fraud all while recording his conversations with you about making payments to the porn star.

Hopefully, no other President will have to endure something similar that is so obviously not their fault.


Except that he would have to declare it.

That was spectacular.

They don’t seem to get that.

“Cohen” “said”. Right now not the best evidence in the world. If you want to put your faith in his word, feel free. He is represented by Democrat operative Lanny Davis who, as soon as he negotiated the pllea deal, was out saying “If Cohen committed a felony, then didn’t Trump”? Heck, Lanny pleaded him to that felony.