Frame Trump! Frame Trump! Frame Trump!

The Republicans have been running the DOJ for over 16 months. If Hillary is guilty of crimes, than why hasn’t the DOJ indicted her??

Waiting for the right moment to pounce.

Any day now…

So you’re privy to the details of vetting, but you’ve never heard of Trump’s former 2016 campaign manager? That’s just downright strange.

are you high or something off the legalization of pot in your state? what have you been watching on tv? wait you’ve probably been watching NBC, CBS, or ABC? ok, that would make sense. She was indicted because she bought and paid for, and all of her liberal Democratic friends backed her up with her scum husband Bill(slick willy)

-no morality
-no morality
-no morality
-no morality
I’d say that most Democrats are running out of justifications and excuses! lol.

maybe I’m autistic …or sumpin.

-Separating children from their mothers
-Tariffs creating havoc
-No wall
-N. Korea disaster
-Hillary is still walking around free as a bird
-21 trillion in debt
-Mueller investigation

I would say trump huggers are a little stressed.

Lol. Sure you don’t.

I was temporarily banned for a similar statement at the old board.

It’s ok Chris. Mr. Black Wolf listens to the left wing Burrack insane liberal Obama media, and can’t think for himself either. I don’t blame either one of you. I really don’t. The liberal media is what people get for free, and don’t even have to pay for. People tend to become like the people, place and things they hang around. So when millions of Americans only have liberal ABC, CBS, and NBC media to listen to on tv, then they tend to trust the anti Trump media, because hey! they don’t know any better. It’s shame on the media for doing that to Americans! I don’t blame them as much. But it does suck, that so many liberals can’t think for themselves.!

You need him not to squeal. :slight_smile:


If that is against the rules for what I said, then may I be banned as well sooner or later.
I’m sure if you were, than so will I be, and I’m willing to accept that I was wrong, if I was. But I don’t think I was by saying that. I’m willing to admit to my mistakes, unlike a lot of Democrats are.

I doubt if Trump did anything to deserve a squeal.

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Typical of a Democrat - always making assumptions about people they know nothing about.

Clean up your act, Dem!

Do you actually read anything of what others type besides Democrats, or just live in your own little ignorant world? Mueller is corrupt. When the house and senate was owned by the Democrats and Obama they took America from 11 trillion to 19 trillion, which is almost double thee debt. Hillary only got off because of Corrupt Obama, Comey, and Lynch. Owe, did you forget Lynch meeting Slick willy billy on the tar mat? Thee wall will come, just give it time. Separating children from irresponsible parents, and immoral parents. Oh wait, isn’t that why DCFS is around? lol. North Korea. Democrats are up in arms because people like Bill Clinton paid up how much money, and went on national tv to say that it was a good deal and that the North Koreans wouldn’t have nukes, and yet they do now? So obiously Bill Clinton lied about North Korea. Sigh, never mind, you’re to ignorant to learn or care about such things of logic. lol.

So let me get this straight? You think that I’m a Democrat, and yet I constantly show Conservative values? I want what you’re having to eat or drink!!! lmao!!! lol. omgosh!

That is so amusing! and so funny.

It’s obvious to any first-year Psych major you’re either in denial that you’re a Democrat, or you embrace being a Democrat and are deliberately posting in such a way as to make Trumpists look unhinged.

Either way - Democrat.

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Das Trumpen!

actually I believe what Hannity just said. I stand with Nancy Pelosi and Maxine waters. Why? Because ultimately their stupidity and ignorance will do way way waaaaaaay more damage to theeeee Democratic party then others replacing them ever can. So please Democrats continue to re-elect your moronic and pathetic current seats of congress!!! Please! I beg you!!! lol. hahahaha. omgosh! lol.