Frame Trump! Frame Trump! Frame Trump!


You want to talk intellect…two questions what is a Sketzoid? And how do you spell that one word again…its so simple t h what ?


Besides, thee Democrat party is thee one that has a lot more people believing in conspiracy theory’s. lol. and making up things that are insane!


Roger! Thee!


get on board with me for the word thee! yay!


ske t z ad? I’m sorry, I only have a high school diploma, and I barely got through that.
My intelleence isn’t any wher near yours. You’re soo much better than me in every way. I’m a mere peasant.


Blahaha, who’s manafort? :joy: Good one…


Time to jettison yet another troll on the new Hannity boards.

Maybe I’ll start a thread called “Troll Watch” so we can learn to ignore certain posters.


I just take em off tracking, but good idea!


see what it says at the bottom left of the picture?

here to make it even easier for ya


I love all of the Democrats responses, when they don’t have anything logical to reply with. Deny, deny, deny, say they’re a troll, say they’re a Democrat, make something up, make excuses. It does get boring to hear very quickly.


@Abracadabra I am going to give you a solid 6/10, but alas I must say good night to thee

Stay nuts bro :facepunch:


I imagine that with a limited mental capacity that reading the responses of those who don’t share your limited values is boring.

Should I toss you a shiny coin instead?


I did have turrets syndrome as a child. I’d twitch my head back every 30 seconds or less because I had things called tics with the turrets. I busted my head open and got 16 stiches in my right forehead when I was like 6. So I’ve always been a slow leaner at comprehending certain things. I do try my best though. I apologize if you find me stupid, like you say that my mental capacity is. I do have attention deficiet disorder. I’m a slow reader, and I’m a very eccentric type person. I do like shiny things, so a coin would be fine by me, but maybe a quarter would be cool. Especially since I live in poverty, or a half dollar! I really enjoy having you putting my intellect down! Please tell me more, how I’m stupid?


Can I at least get a 7-10 please?


Maybe you should consider logging off.

This place can be brutal, perhaps – if you are as you say you are in this post – you should think about finding other places to discuss things.


I’ve overcame a lot of those things, but I’m sorry that you feel that I shouldn’t have a voice here, simply because of my issues. I didn’t think that was what Democrats normally felt, or treated people simply because of their background. :frowning:



How would you like me to frame it?


You can voice all you want here.

You’ve confessed to your issues.

I suggested finding other places to converse online. My job is done.

Don’t expect special treatment. You are just a username and avatar.


Can’t you just give an answer. What is a Sketzoid?


Still stuck on that I see? Are you sketzoid

This is your quote. I just want to know what it is or what it means