Frame Trump! Frame Trump! Frame Trump!


well, that was quite the weird reply.

now, for those of us who have posted here for years it’s pretty obvious that something has Trump Republicans lashing out at the moment. it’s probably middle america losing jobs in industries that Trump was supposed to help. that cuts right to the core regarding Trump’s business genius.


If you are a Republican he is someone who was on Trumps campaign for a couple of months and who subsequently got in trouble over an alleged tax scheme he set up in 2006 that had nothing to do with the campaign.
If you are a Democrat, he is the Trump campaign mastermind who coordinated the collusion between Trump and Putin and who knows where all the bodies are buried and will flip on Trump when it gets too tough on him.


honestly I use to think that you were one of thee smartest people I’ve ever talked to on here before, but now I think that you’re a lot like your joker friend that I made look like a fool. But with all do respect he did it to himself. I’m just saying. You’re doing thee exact same thing by thee way. lol. You’re trying to make me look crazy, but you’re really making yourself look insane. I can admit I’m far from perfect, I have issues, but I’m working on trying to fix them, and I am a true Conservative.


Why so serious?




I know it was sooo weird right? How low was thee employment rate under Obama for 8 years? and what is it at right now? blah blah blah, well Obama did that. It’s sorta ironic that shortly after Trump got in office that all of those numbers got greatly better.
You know thee best part about Democrats like you to me are? That you’re soo afraid, and so are the liberal media, that you’ll say anything, or do anything, and make anything up, simply, because you don’t have anything logical to say. or common sense for the most part.
Good luck!


Nice! “I’m your huckleberry!”


What the ■■■■ is a sketzoid?


Anyone that spells “the” as “thee” makes no one else look like a fool.


@Abracadabra must be dem looking to make Trumpkins look even more unhinged its obvious


Just a hunch, but i would bet that is totally fake news. Unnamed sources have already proven to be very unreliable.


Stick with that theory bud, lets see how it pans out


No, you guys keep going. Hell, take the show on the road. Its great comedy.




Trust me! IN today’s society crazy is a lot more fun then normal! lol. At least I can admit it!


Hey at least lets agree that one way or another at the end of the day there will be fireworks and maybe popcorn


Rantings of a 12 year old. Not one thing you have written makes any kind of sense…liberals can’t think for themselves?

You sound like a slew of Trump Tweets or a campaign rally speech. Try harder please!


Are you getting these statistics from the same spot that most liberals get them that said that Trump had no chance of winning even thee Republican primaries? lol. Good luck with those statics. Cause obviously those were way way off! lmao! I’m having way way to much fun right now.


Thank you!


12 year olds intellect of a Conservative Vs. Democrats intellect. I’m ok with that. lol.
To me, thee ratio is about a 5 year old Conservative= any liberal Democrat politician. lol