Frame Trump! Frame Trump! Frame Trump!


Well you are a troll.


Almost double? Really? Under Bush it did double. Under Vlinton it did double. Under Reagan it almost tripled.

You’re just ignorant of facts. Typical.


don’t count Donny out of it yet

As projected in the FY 2019 budget, Trump plans to add $8.282 trillion, a 41 percent increase from the $20.245 trillion debt at the end of Obama’s last budget for FY 2017. If he spends as he hopes, Trump will add the second-highest dollar amount in history. More importantly, he will add almost as much in his first term as Obama did in two terms.

use to see this link daily last 8 years i wonder why its not linked anymore?


That was my siggy on the old board. Still would be if I was able.


ThrowCop! nice to see ya here


This thread made me LOL at least three times. Bravo!


Good to be here Mobi. Thanks.


No doubt. You need a Tshirt saying that


I cant tell if you are serious or just a comedian!


Thou shouldst pay mind to thine own fears.


Is this an excerpt of your new fiction novel? I guess we’ll see it in the bargain bin soon.


Has he denied him 3 times yet. Did the ■■■■ crow?


What? All of a sudden you have an excuse. You’ve been here for almost three months…You have had 26 nonsensical posts in this thread alone…and you call me on my intellect and when I push back all of a sudden you have Turrets.

You posted this in response to me asking about Sketzoid:
ke t z ad? I’m sorry, I only have a high school diploma, and I barely got through that.
My intelleence isn’t any wher near yours. You’re soo much better than me in every way. I’m a mere peasant.

All of a sudden you can’t type or spell. Please! You can’t spend all this time trolling, talking crazy and calling a person a sketzoid, whatever the hell that is and then pull out the I banged my head when I was a kid.

You don’t sound unintelligent to me…you sound like someone who is purposely stating the things you state to try to get a rise.

Case in point you posted this shortly before the whole Turrets, I banged my head so I am not as intelligent as you:
Are you getting these statistics from the same spot that most liberals get them that said that Trump had no chance of winning even thee Republican primaries? lol. Good luck with those statics. Cause obviously those were way way off! Lmao! I’m having way way to much fun right now.

Outside of the one and only Thee. This is a really cohesive and well thought out post as opposed to this:

How sick do you find it that Barrack Insane Obama, Lorretta Lynch, and James Comey had to make sure that Hillary got off the hook, and that they had to come up with an excuse to frame Trump because Hillary and the Democrats are so pathetic? It’s thee Democrats corruption at its finest levels! No wonder Chicago is so Liberal Democrat! It’s been corrupt for over 100 years! lol. Talk about sanctioned cities and illegal Democrats! lol. This is where the Democrats literally implode upon themselves for being so ignorant, and down right no common sense stupid because they do nothing but constantly contradict what they supposedly stand for like equality

So which is it? Please understand, that I have spent my entire career working in the mental health profession and I have a pretty good idea when someone is playing games. I am well versed in emotional disorders, developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injury. I know that people can’t just turn on and off their intellect and reasoning the way you seem to do in your posts. So if you do really have these problems, maybe you should slow down and take your time and really double check what you are posting. Maybe you should not be so quick to call people names, or insult someone else’s intellect. Maybe you should stop referring to political figures by insulting little names and stop being so insulting. Around here, people who really go out of their way to be insulting, and call people names, don’t garner much respect for being intelligent. This I know, because I have a tendency to let my frustration get the best of me, and then I go back and read a post where I insulted someone, and then I feel bad. I try not to. Except in Trumps case. I have no problem with giving it back as good as he gives it out.

By thw way I have dsylexia, andit is really hard for me to type a cohesive thought without issues with typing
This is just an expamle of how I type without corrections and backspacing. I have to really try to slow my role when typiting things, because if I don’t I come out looking and sounding like this. So please dude, slow down, if you really hae these isuews, and teak a bit of extra time to type what you really want to say. So it comes off as looking like you know what you are toaking about.

That was so hard to type because I have the constant need to go back and fix these things as I type…but just for the sake of making a point, I let the natural typing take place.


I swear you people would say you really don’t even remember your own mother if you thought it would help you politically. “Mom? Oh she wasn’t around for very long. Gave birth to me, raised me, but she wasn’t really a big part of my life. I barely remember her, to be honest. She was only around for a very short time.”


It’s going to be interesting to find out when the Obama admin first sent spies into the Trump Presidential campaign,and how much they paid them…


Word play. Very nice


Hey, as long as it’s making money. It’s ok with me if it’s 5 bucks. lol.


I’m either serious on a lot of things, or a huge smart a**


I will just assume the latter from here on out


You must really ■■■■■■■ hate not having that edit button.