Fox News Military Guest: Torture Is Good, ‘It Worked on John McCain’


I wonder what God is going to say about men who engage in habitual infidelity, deceit, fraud, backbiting, gluttony, and a plethora of other sins. But don’t let me get in the way of your single-issue morality.


Do you get everything you want? I don’t always answer trolling style questions.


Great point. Also, it is ever apparent that it is not even a real single-issue for him, as can be ascertained from his continued cult-like support of Trump and the GOP, even though they are actively funding facilities that perform abortion services. There are plenty of single issue, pro-life people that have said enough, after the GOP and Trump opted to continue to fully fund PP.

Notice how he refuses to address this glaring fact when it is brought up? He claims to have me on “ignore” which is why he won’t reply to me on this subject. It would be interesting if everyone else asked him these same questions. :thinking:


You’re not being trolled, you’re losing. Learn the difference, you’ll be happier.


You’re the one that trolled us by bringing up abortion in a John McCain thread.


It probably will not go well for such a one with such personal sins unless they repent.

Which has what to do with over 60 million unborn babies being killed so far?


Life and death is no game. It is a pity that you apparently think so.

No one who stands for right ever actually “loses”.


Do you still support trump when he signed the funding for Planned Parenthood?


Definitely easier for men who do not have to deal with the consequences of being forced to carry a child they do not want for the better part of a year.


Planned Parenthood is still open thanks to trump, you cool with that?


Has nothing to do with anything. “Thou shalt not kill” should be our example toward abortion.



Maybe one of these days you people will hold Trump to some of those commandments you like to preach about so much.


Or, their “side” said it’s bad. They don’t care about babies. They are just good tribesmen and women.


Do you allow the women in your life to work?


It’s despicable. Cloaking their hatred of women in a divine cloak.


Caferteria Christian huh? How about the other 9 commandments. Adultry ring a bell? You support that in Trump, right?


Typical that when lefties hate the message they attempt to smear the messenger.


I guess it depends on how one defines torture. I do not consider waterboarding torture, though I know that many do.


My wife finds that extremely humorous. She worked over 40 years. :grin: She is also very pro life.


Wrong again. Try harder.

Abortion is fine. Not ideal but definitely better than carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term. That’s the message.

No need to smear you, we’re just calling out your hypocrisy in attempting to appear godly in this one aspect of your life.