Fox News Military Guest: Torture Is Good, ‘It Worked on John McCain’


There’s nothing “fine” about abortion. May the Lord rebuke you.


But it is fine to support the politicians who fund abortion clinics. Does that sum up your position here?


Luckily your opinion on abortion is irrelevant.

Do you have any personal experience with abortion? How many people have you known who have had the procedure done? Do you think anyone in your life has had it done secretly because they know you would abuse them if you found out?


Roughly the same thing that abortion has to do with McInerny insulting McCain, yet here you are trying to make this thread about abortion instead of the uncalled for insult the Lt. General levied at him on Fox.


May the lord rebuke a president who signed a budget that funded abortions. Right?


Yes, Im good with that and supportive. Though in my own life I am against abortion. I do not believe that my beliefs should rule the nation. People have, and should have free will. People should be allowed to make their own decisions whether I agree with them or not.

Having said that, the govt should not fund those same controversial subjects. Many have said to get the religion out of the schools even if the vast majority of the people in the community wanted it. I support that decision even though I am a Christian. The same rule should apply to Abortion. Get the govt and their funds out of it even if the vast majority of the people in the community want it.


The silence is deafening.


Probably not a better example here.


Good thing no ones doing that.


Yes I do…


I realize that you probably want to be flogged, and hey “to each is their own.”
It aint my thing personally, but I’ve done it once or twice on someone that wanted it.
Buuuuuuutt, sorry, I hope that didn’t get you going. Not my intention. Killing unborn babies is murder. The last time I checked murder was illegal? I think to myself sometimes, it really sucks that the Democrats that constantly preach about abortion weren’t aborted themselves, but then I would be a hippocrite like the Democrats and that’s not me, so that would be wrong. So it wouldn’t be ok if you were aborted Apocalypto. Ofcourse there is the whole morality aspect of it as well. I do believe that anyone that has either had an abortion or believes in it and constantly votes for the Democrats will burn in hell ultimately, if God and heaven and hell is real. So basically anyone that believes in God and votes for abortion is slapping God in the face pretty much, and being a major hypocrite. How? In the Bible when Adam and Eve ate from the fruit of knowledge the punishment for women was to have to endure the pain of labor. Now logically, if a woman gets pregnant, have an abortion is deleting or getting read of having to have that pain. In which case it denies what God’s punishment was. Once again, it’s a big slap in the face to Jesus Christ!!! So try and contradict that theory Demoncrats? lol.


Then why do you support Donald Trump and a Republican Congress that just funded Planned Parenthood?


Do you think this post is representative of the teachings of Jesus Christ?


He gave up.


He should be reminded in every thread where he brings up abortion.


You mean the same guy who appointed a pro life Supreme? The same guy who will quite likely defund PP this fall?

That guy?


Don’t flatter yourself. I will never quit denouncing the killing of the unborn.


Yet you refuse to answer hard questions.


You should be reminded that Jesus said “Thou shalt not kill” every time you attempt to defend abortion.


The politician you’re defending and promoting each day signed a bill to fund Planned Parenthood. How you preach from that pulpit is beyond me.