Fox News isn't working for us anymore

I understand “us” to be "the [American] people [which includes the President], hence “us”.

Keep in mind, this was limited to his first 100 days when he was nominating people like Betsy devos, starting the travel ban, and starting the failed effort to repeal and replace the ACA. That was an exceptionally low point in popularity for him.

I’m always gobsmacked by the idea that if it’s not fifty percent good stuff and fifty percent bad stuff that’s somehow unrepresentative of reality.




It is HILARIOUS that you think Trump believes he works for all Americans, and is not just the President of his minority base. Are you new to the last 3.5 years?

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Laying the groundwork for his next venture Trump News Network…“Its not your fault it is theirs!”

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Donna Brazille would never allow FOX to become second rate.

All is well.


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You can actually. Look at the good press Obama got from the MSM.

95 of those days was Trump moaning about imaginary election fraud so if course he will be presented badly.

“Fox isn’t working for us anymore” - Actually that is an amazing confirmation of that part of the story line in “The Loudest Voice”.

Fox News has done so much to destroy this country…

Why would a “fair and free press” work against the President and the country is a better question? Fox is as close to a balanced news site as we’ve got in the MSM. Egoistic Trump has a hard time with the other side presented that gives…balance. That’s on Trump but all of us, including you…should despise the way the rest of the MSM is doing the extreme opposite of what you’re derailing with this thread. Are you upset with the rest of the MSM or are you a common hypocrite?

I’m glad he at least comes right out and admits Fox has been a mouthpiece for Trump and The New Republicans. I guess the mental midgets and Fox & Friends must have broken his poor little heart. Surprising because for a while there it seemed like those morons Doocey and Kilmeade were Trump’s major policy advisors.

Yeah…they’re all mental midgetly deplorable…amirite? :sunglasses:

Allow me to make a prediction my friend…thanks to attitudes like yours, you’ve insured Trump will win again.

No, I’ve been watching the last 3.5 years with interest and closely. I don’t suffer from TDS, which causes it’s victims to think that anything Trump says, does or approves of must be evil, racist, sexist, and fascist.

You’re doing a bang up job carrying water. Maybe if Trump decides to go into the car business you can get a prime dealership. A fitting reward for such a good and dependable soldier.

And yes, Fox & Friends is easily the dumbest news program on TV. But you just keep enjoying the profoundly retarded looks on Doocey and Kilmeade’s faces as they try to act like intellectuals.

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I’m sorry for honoring the last vote for President and wanting the best outcomes for my country. Shame on me…amirite? :sunglasses:

ps…I’ll take all the help I can get but…99% of the people out there don’t think I need any.