Gabbard, Steyer appear eliminated from next Dem debate

If she could earn an A from the NRA she would be a force.

I kinda like her too.


I kinda like her but still couldn’t vote for her if she supports abortion. Most of the others are scary though and seem intent on destroying this country to be blunt about it.


Great news. I’m glad Gabbard (Jill Stein 2.0) is out.


Glad neither of them made it.

I think she was stiffed by Google and social media algorithms and the globalist msm to keep her below the popular horizon. I wish her well with her law suit against Google and I hope she continues to run despite not being given a debate placing, and threaten to run as an independent if it is proven that Google and others have abused their media power to disadvantage her run. If she came out and announced that, I think she’d suddenly get a lot of media attention.

Google is slanted. Sometimes i have to go to another search source to find something.

Google will have it blocked out.

Would you vote for her as an independent if it was between her and Joe Walsh?

I could vote for her if the Republicans didn’t have the far superior candidate they do, or similar.

Example? What specifically were you trying to find that you believe Google blocked. Inquiring minds would love to know!

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Not going there with you. I have posted it before in these forums.

I’m curious too. And it’s not like everyone memorizes everything someone posts…


I just went to The Google Chrome machine to see what this is all about.

I typed in “Tulsi Gabbard” and the first hit was her campaign website.

Then a bunch of news stories about her popped up.

Then a wikipedia article about her pops up, then her Twitter account link.

Then her official House page.

Then the “Ballotpedia” page that shows her congressional votes.

So what information do you believe Google kept from people about Gabbard?


Of course not. Wouldn’t want to have a bunch of holes poked in your nonsense anecdote for all to see :joy::joy::joy:

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You can find her here without doing a Google search. :grin:


Thanks for answering and your answer is the one of the reasons why Democrats are not supporting her.

We get it. Angry yelling media guy you agreed with told you The Google is slanted, so you just came here to tell us that too. No need to further explain :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Kind of similar to last time when the dems liked Kasich and we didn’t?

Not sure why there’s so much dislike for Gabbard?

Even if she was disadvantaged by google, there is no requirement for them to be neutral.