Fox News isn't working for us anymore

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Thanks for not dodging.

Please is not a demand.

As to my question… why is trump so upset about 52/48 coverage that he wants to get “a new news outlet”?

“Working for us” and “working for us” have two different meanings.

You picked the wrong one to start another “I hate Trump” thread

The capital W doesn’t change a thing.

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How did they managed to get 48% of positive things to talk about Trump?:thinking:


No idea. Ask him. :smile:

President snowflake needs his safe space.

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Thats a stupid post right there.

Wait wait…You just told us in another thread that

But of course can’t tell us why:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

So…which is it?


What triggered trump?

Russian cosigners on his Deutsche Bank loans.


Your error is believing Trumpsters and modern CEC conservatives ever had principles.


They are starting to eat their own :smiling_imp:

Of course Fox News doesn’t work for the President.

The President works for Fox News.

He used to work for NBC but he took what he thought would be a more lucrative offer from Fox.



We need Trump Tv! The truth must be told to the people!

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That study only covered the first 100 days of the Presidency.

93% of what the Stable Genius said and did in his first 100 days was pure covfefe so it’s to be expected that most of the reporting was negative.

You can’t put a pathological liar in the White House and not get overwhelmingly bad press.

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I can only imagine the con outrage if Obama said “CNN isn’t working for us anymore”

Geez, cons, how does it feel to have it slapped in your face that Fox has been his personal Pravda?

lol. What a jerk. Getting mad at a news corp for reporting the news.

How was foxnews able to make it 48% positive, though :thinking: