Floridian Trump Apologist And Supporter Makes A Splash

Police charged a Florida man this week with making threatening phone calls to several Democratic members of Congress, in each case complaining about freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar.

U.S. Capitol Police identified John Joseph Kless as the man responsible for calls to Rep. Rashida Tlaib and presidential hopefuls Rep. Eric Swalwell and Sen. Cory Booker, and in a criminal complaint quoted the man’s racist diatribes against those lawmakers and Ms. Omar.

Florida man arrested for making threatening calls to Democrat lawmakers

In the indictment documentation against JJ Kless (sorry I can not link to the indictment or risk violating ToS) he is recorded at least three times mentioning Trump by name in apology and in support.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming Obese Donald Trump for this man’s obvious mental aberration driving his off the wall behavior. No. He is 100% at fault for his dive into the deep end. Besides, he is, from what I have seen reported registered Unaffiliated. So no jumping to conclusions based on any R affiliation.

However after reading the indictment it does appear he may have gotten some notion of cover for his nasty tirades by invoking America and the President’s name.

Apparently JJ is married and had a decent income, a house, and is only 49, so I wonder if he has just thrown all of that in the dustbin just because he could not control his bigotry, anger, and mouth?

What drives folks like this?


Words DO matter.

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I really do wish that nutjobs like this wouldn’t get any press at all.
FBI should quietly do their job without any media fanfare.

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I’ll say it again.

bernie volunteer, james hodgkinson. Had a kill list and everything. And none of you ever wants to discuss him.

Deflection noted but I’ll discuss Hodgkinson. If he hadn’t died, they should have locked his ass up for life. Also, investigate to find out what specifically pushed him over the edge.

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Words matter

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Seems reasonable. I suspect that’s how most liberals feel. That’s certainly what should be done in regard to this Florida man.


It is a grand deflection and prevarication as there was a Thread here in which I did participate regarding Hodgkinson. We did discuss him. Interestingly he wrote letters to the editor of a local paper that had actually published a letter to the editor from me.

It was a newspaper my folks had delivered for years. He was a resident of a town not far from where I lived in Illinois. Shoot (sorry) we might have even crossed paths since I spent a lot of time in his home town.

But it seems even the Right Wingers here at the time couldn’t really sustain a long discussion on him?

What I am interested to know is what is wrong with my OP such that a poster has to feel some need to come in here and make false accusations against me?

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If no one ever discusses him, how come we all know about him?

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I understand the sentiment. It is never going to happen. But I understand.

It is like every time I see the media line up outside the White House and Obese Donald heads to the waiting chopper, they know he will lie, they know he will make ■■■■ up, they know he will dodge and weave and never speak honestly, yet they slather and fight and jostle to ask him questions.

Why give him, the liar in chief, the time of day?


Indeed…in all the discussions about Hodgkinson (and there have been many), I have yet to see anyone support what he did…or excuse it in any way.


Why don’t you want to discuss JJ Kless?

Why the fabrication that I never wanted to discuss Hodgkinson, which I most certainly did, in a thread that YOU started about him?

Your thread probably would have been better accepted if you hadn’t derailed it yourself in post number four, by trying to insanely link Rachel Maddow to the shooter and his evil deeds.

Bet you forgot all about that.



It’s liberals’ fault. They forced this guy to choose between Clinton and Donald, and then they condemn him for choosing Donald. No wonder he’s so angry.

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Not every day though. Some people need daily affirmation. That’s what Fox News is for.

Now you’re just making stuff up. That thread you linked to was not about hodgkinson.

And there wasn’t any attempt by me to derail it being about hodgkinson.

And there wasn’t any effort on your part to discuss hodgkinson in that thread.

That’s some Grade A disinformation you have going there.

it’s easier to deflect than to try and discuss.

Wasn’t there several threads about it already? Why beat a dead horse?

I’d prefer to discuss current events.

Those threads were on the old board.

Too bad we can’t see how the leftists were so unwilling to participate.

A leftist nutjob shoots a member of congressional leadership, some capitol police, lobbyists, and had a kill list in his pocket and it turned into a 2 day story.

You all cared and participated a bunch.

That thread on the old board had many “liberals” participate. I even think the thread surpassed 1000 posts. I know I was one of them. If memory serves me correct, every one on the left condemned the shooter and wished for speedy recoveries for the Congressmen.

That’s true…if there isn’t a cross or religious symbol like a creche…or a Con-federate statue on every public street corner, they forget their religion and the Civil War.

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