Floridian Trump Apologist And Supporter Makes A Splash

Every single one.

Yes there was- in the post where you stated “Probably a Maddow disciple like Hodgkinson”.

You bring him up in every…single…thread where there’s a chance to bring him up.

And then claim people won’t discuss him when he was discussed ad nauseum when the incident happened.

The only way you’ll be able to claim “liberal equivalence” is if in a couple of years’ time some violent liberal goes off and liberals deflect to JJ Kless.

From what i recall not a single liberal defend him or suggested that the media wasnt at fault somewhat for inflaming him

Maybe liberals should deflect to Cesar Sayoc every time.

Supposedly JJ is Jewish. So maybe he was also emboldened by Obese Donald moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem?

Apparently, some people are so consumed with right wing propaganda they actually believe we are in crisis and the left is actually the enemy.

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You are right, I got Posts and Threads confused in that post. However we did discuss Hodgkinson in a thread you started.

You did derail the discussion by trying to link Masddow to him. You may not have tried to derail it, but that happened anyway.

Bigots are going to do what bigots do

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I have found that the weakest among us, attempt to feel better about themselves by artificially putting down those around them vs the hard way of attempting to rise above the fray. In their weakness, they’ll use anything and everything they mentally label a tool, as their weapon. In this case, he used the President. The President is very controversial and says things I didn’t think I’d ever hear come from one of them but…there’s never any excuse to blame the tool and not the fool. In Trump’s defense, I also never thought I’d witness our huge media presence being used as a tool by these media giant owners to perpetuate their agenda as they are doing. Trump is battling them from almost every angle, giving fools plenty of ammo on both sides of the aisle.

He’s dead, and his actions were wrong.

That being said, the actions of one sick moron do not justify the actions of another sick moron.

A defense of “but … but … but …Charles Manson was a murderer” will not get you an automatic judgment of “not guilty” in a court of law if you are on trial for muder.