West Virginia Man Reportedly Wanted to Kill trump And Blow Up the Pentagon

And it sounds like he was in an awful big hurry to get there.

Wonder what set him off??


Bi polar?


Whack job?

Something like that.

The corrupt Deep State LEO’s actually stopped this? Sounds like fake news to me. I’ve been assured these corrupt Law Enforcement groups have it out for the targets of this insane attack. No way they would stop this. False flag!


Probably another maddow disciple like the bernie volunteer, hodgkinson.

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Yes, here is another local report:

I have not seen anything in the national media. Move along, nothing to see here . . .

The national media doesn’t report every presidential death threat. Obama had like 10 a day.


Mentally ill lone wolf with no significant connections.

That’s the standard narrative, right?


This appears to be more than an idle threat. The video says that the man had explosives and a gun in the car.

In the case of Trump, he got more threats in his first 12 days in office than Obama got in his first year:

Yes if only everyone used twitter as responsibly as our commander in chief.

Glad they caught him. I’ll be in the Whitehouse on Friday. That’s too close for comfort. :grimacing:

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It probably is in this case. It takes a special person to not just think to do something crazy like this but to actually try and carry it out.

Trump is the most disgusting, disgraceful thing that embarrasses this country on a daily basis.

That said, the removal process attempt should be through the next election. Presidents, even really bad ones, must be protected from these attempts on their lives and I’m glad this was thwarted.

He’ll be history soon enough by natural processes.

I’ve watcher her show a few times and I don’t think she’s ever encouraged violence.

Where do you come up with this stuff? Can you provide a link?

I dont think you ever watched the Maddow show

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are we talking about Ralphy boy Northam? or his rapist Lt. Governor?

I could see them threatening the President.

So Hodgkinson came up with the idea for violence all on his own.

Good to know.

Why do you say that?

When was the Lt Gov. found guilty of rape?

No explosives were found…

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According to your link, there is zero mention of her encouraging violence.

Of course its a one note show, always deferring to Hodgkinson. Does he live rent-free in your head?