West Virginia Man Reportedly Wanted to Kill trump And Blow Up the Pentagon

He would have needed a big bomb.

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My bad. Was he not found guilty, but only accused by several women?

He was accused by two women.

I don’t know where the accusations have gone in a legal sense, since it seems to have dropped out of the news cycle.

He was accused then called for an investigation

Maddow “disciple”?

He wrote ONE letter to the Bellville News Democrat, his local town newspaper, ONE time expressing Rachel’s show was one of his “favorite shows on TV”. That singular letter came five years before he went on his insane shooting rampage.

Just curious, what, in your definition, evidences someone as being a “disciple” of a media host?

Then, for clarification, are you using that term as a pejorative against Rachel Maddow?

Well, he’s not a thug, not an illegal, not a terrorist…

Where in this link does it say she called for violence?

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I’m glad he got due process then.

That’s how the law should be.

It really sucks if one parties Politicians would automatically accuse someone
of rape, and not want to give them due process, wouldn’t you agree?

I never said anything about maddow encouraging violence.

That was someone else.

I never said she called for violence.

You’re welcome.

Man, I really seem to have hit a nerve with maddow disciples.

She gets them coming out of the woodwork alright.

You certainly implied it in the 4th post of this thread.

NJ Bob Wrote:

In which you replied with a link to a story, indicating that you believe she encourages violence.

So what you’re saying is that nj bob is the only one who was talking about whether or not maddow encouraged violence.

All I said was that hodgkinson was a maddow disciple. He asked me where i got that. I provided a link.

Reading comprehension is not a liberal thing is it??

I did no such thing. You were the only one who said anything about whether she encouraged violence.

Read it again.

maddow disciples are touchy and have zero reading comprehension skills.


Lets play terrorist last tag.

Your terrorist is worse than my terrorist.

Nothing like a Troll self admiting to their Trolling.