Fire at the historic Notre Dame Cathedral


Fire started slightly before 6 there time…right about the exact time it would have it they left work without leaving eyes on there torchdown.


It was undergoing a 20 year-long renovation. Why?
Don’t you think that over the course of 800 years it has had other renovations?
I doubt that there is an intact, 800 year old wooden structure anywhere in the world.

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It will have the funding to be rebuilt tenfold. But there is no shaking the simple fact that a restoration is a replica, and Theseus and all that…

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Firefighters say main structure ‘saved and preserved’!

A spokesman for the Paris firefighters says the two towers and the main structure of the cathedral have been saved from complete destruction as the flames begin to wane. Three or four more hours needed to contain the fire, he adds.

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How many interactions have you had with Denverites?

Maybe you just caught them on a bad day after the Broncos lost…again…

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Some of that was built by shipwrights, yes you can have machine/saws etc but most of bending/shaping was all done by hand. To make a machine and program it for few piece isn’t worth the cost…unless you’re planing on mass production.

This is specially work that I’ve talked about in the past where automation isn’t practical.


I lived there for over a year.


Notre Dame has been torn up before

During the French Revolution in the 18th century, the cathedral was vandalised in widespread anti-Catholic violence: its spire was dismantled, its treasures plundered and its large statues at the grand entrance doors destroyed.


Its nothing that cant be done again if money isnt an issue. It would take serious effort and skilled labours and engineers


The skills is hardest part IMO…but it can be done. And who knows…maybe we will see revile of some kind coming from this.


Wood bending is a nightmare me and my brother built a canoe.


Of course, any rot or dry rot has to be replaced.


Lots of clamps. :wink:

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The first thing I thought was that it was the Catholic church at Notre Dame University and made me wonder if it was intentionally set as retaliation for the 3 minority churches that were burned down last week by a racist ass. Then I couldn’t believe my ears…it’s Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris! OMG! I then wondered if it was intentionally set by a Muslim? I don’t for one second believe that it’s an accident and the probability is that it’s not. Now the question becomes, who is behind this act of arson?


Didn’t even bother waiting till the fire was cooled eh?

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accident happen all the time a construction sites.


Nah, never. Must be Muslims.


I’ll never make the PC squad my friend. When I hear that something bad took place, there’s usually an ass behind it? I don’t consider this to be any different but the question becomes, who’s the ass? Let’s just say, you may think it’s an accident but I believe it’s an asscident.


Construction sites are safest places in the world.


Being “PC” is not jumping to conclusions based on zero info then? Gotcha.

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