Fire at the historic Notre Dame Cathedral



It’s legit sad to see it go up in smoke. But they will rebuild over the next decade or two. Won’t be the same tho.


Shame on you.

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If I was an important part of this case, I’d react differently but I’m not. I’m an internet observer who attempts to remove the political and bull feces fray…and examine something plainly.




Sure. Must be Muslims.


There is zero evidence of arson at the moment and the fire was in the area that was under heavy construction.


It sure doesn’t have to be but the laws of probability are on my side and I hope my initial instincts are wrong…and that it’s a simple accident.


This isnt about being “PC” - this is about thinking critically.

Bad things happen every day - and only a tiny fraction of those the work of enemies.

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Please, let’s stick with reality here.

The “laws of probability” are not on your side - and spare me the “I hope I’m wrong” ■■■■■■■■■

You only believe this to be the work of Muslims because you want it to be - you want your biases confirmed.


Of course…because…fear…


Yea, laws of probability.

Nothing to do with you, your mindset and what media you consume. Just probability.

Must have been the Muslims.


I don’t need to say anymore about it. I can wait for the truth to reveal itself and it is my sincerest hope…it’s an accident because if my initial thought is correct, all hell will break loose in France…and I do NOT want that.


It’s not going to be hard to determine what happen…they will know within a week.

First thing I would do is see who was wielding, torch down and where.

The timing of this is precisely the time it would start when you walking away to go home from long days work.

They didn’t leave any eyes on the job, and if so it’s not and accident…it’s outright carelessness.


Someone is always after them.

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ISIS tried to blow it up in 2016. I’m sure they regret it and hate themselves for it. Surely they wouldn’t strike it again.


Thankfully no injuries, and the “most precious” artwork has been rescued. I presume the piece of the True Cross and the Crown of Thorns were saved first as the most important relics in there, at least one hopes.


I have heard that the crown has been saved.


That is good news.


Excellent - I hadn’t seen it called out specifically.