Fire at the historic Notre Dame Cathedral


the historic Notre Dame Cathedral has caught fire.

Firefighters in Paris, France are battling a blaze at the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral.

Photos on social media show big clouds of grey smoke billowing from the building, which is more than 800 years old.

Police in the city confirmed on Twitter that they are reporting to the scene.

“Avoid the area and facilitate the passage of emergency and intervention vehicles @prefpolice,” they tweeted in French.


How horrible. Looks like a total loss. So much history just… gone.

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Temp moving to politics just so more people can see this tragedy . . .


part of it has collapsed :cry:


Officials in Paris are saying that they are treating this as an accident.


The only posative of this – the main structure is stone, so it shouldn’t burn or collapse. The LDS tabernacle in provo had the same thing happen. Only thing that remained was the stone walls. They quickly braced the walls so it wouldn’t collapse completely, and then they rebuild the entire inside.


I hope you are wrong. The bulk of the structure is stone… the roof, I believe, is wood. Roofs can be replaced. Such an important symbol of faith and creativity.


Sad, the craftsman that went into it at the time is amazing. Going to be extreme hard to replace because of lost skills that’s needed.

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The spire just collapsed part of the roof also have collapsed the fire is moving toward the front of the building.


Guess I’ll never get to see that one.


Sad day for the French people.


10 years of so you can tour the rebuild


OMG :pensive:

Having been able to visit in my teens, it truly was a breathtaking place.


Rebuilding isn’t go to be easy.


All hand crafted.


Yep, the stone and marble in hot fire from 800 plus year old timber can also be destroyed.

Someone mention it’s mostly stone. The base is and foundation, exterior walls are but it’s interior. It’s lost art. Shipwrights that built that place was skill that came and went. Only few still practice it.


This is just so tragic.


Anyone who has been inside knows there is no recovery from this.


Yeah, that’s what I fear.


And of course Trump weighs in like an idiot.