Fire at the historic Notre Dame Cathedral


You’re blaming this fire on the Islamization of France?


It looks to be an indirect, if not direct cause of the fire.

Many immigrants from North Africa in Paris were cheering as the fire raged.


I was going to blame it on Muslims as a joke but reality beat me to it.


Not sure where you got your sources about Muslims in Paris cheering Notre Dame’s destruction, but there were some Muslims on social media celebrating. Is that really a surprise?

The New Zealand attack was also celebrated. Newsflash, there are tons of deplorables of all shapes and sizes on social media.





Indeed? Do you have some kind of proof of that having happened?


What does that prove? Are they celebrating? No. Do we know they are muslims? No.
Two guys taking a selfie during a historical disaster. Here in the States we too have lookie loos who rush to disaster sites to take selfies.


You’re going to have to do better than that.


And now that it’s the next day, moving the thread back to outside the beltway.


It took them two hours to get set up to fight the fire. At least that’s what I heard on Fox. Sounds like group think made things worse.


ISIS agents tried to blow up Notre Dame in 2016. I’m sure they regret it and would never do that again. They know it’s not nice.


I predict we’ll never find out how it started…

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The French government will never admit how it started. It fears massive, bloody riots.

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That’s what Glenn Beck was saying yesterday and it’s perfect for certain people. Even if it wasn’t Muslims it was totally Muslims.

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I have a hard time believing that. The NTSB can determine causes of accidents in really bad conditions. Any experts needed to look though the debris will be brought in.


Actually, that’s a view of the ceiling, not the roof. There is a large attic space between that stone ceiling and the roof, which is where the fire occurred.


That’s rather presumptive. Intitial indcations are that the fire started at the spire where repair construction on the roof and spire structure was taking place earlier that day. Why would the government want to suppress anything about that?


Because the fire was really caused by Muslims.

I think that’s where he’s going.


And you know that how?