Fire at the historic Notre Dame Cathedral


More than one. Especially if the story originated in a Russian propaganda outlet.

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They should put solar panels on the new roof.


Go to your room and think about that a little.


Yep…and if it weren’t for a freak thunderstorm, a lot more of Washington would have been ashes.


Pictures of the ribbed arches up to the roof are ugly tho…very sad.


Here is a better shot of the roof.


Yeah, I noticed the same thing.


RT has had a busy day, too.


Not in China. And I can cite a whole bunch of countries I have been to where I would not want to work.


I’m so happy to live in Canada a country with safety regulation, have you seen some of the stuff they do in China? you couldn’t pay me enough.


Yeah, the first thing I noticed was the bamboo scaffolding tied together with old ropes. And then they lay down old wood planks and run wheelbarrows full of concrete over them.


I have worked in Canada and I do appreciate the attention to safety.


You can’t even go on a two story house in Canada without having a fail stop on now… I wouldn’t want to be 60 stories up in China on a bamboo plank.


After the sacking of the cathedral 160 years ago they planted enough oak trees to rebuild in case of damage. So the beans will be replaced with 160 year old oak from a forest outside of paris


How do the English feel about the rebuilt Globe theater in London? Is there anything left of the original?


Unless you mean intentional carelessness then it’s still an accident.


Semantics without a difference. Most accidents are caused by ignorance, incompetence, negligence or carelessness. What would make it not an accident would be if it were done intentionally.

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Yep. The same thing happened in Vienna. There, the Nazis drilled the holes in centuries old stone buildings for the explosives (which can still be seen today) but a German Commander defied the Furor and ordered his men to pack up and leave without blowing up the city.


This is so depressing. It now looks like just a stone skeleton.


Paris isn’t Paris anymore. What’s happening in France is a tragedy, but it’s hard not to feel they’ve brought it upon themselves. I do feel sorry for the minority who are opposed to the Islamization of France, however.