Feeding the homeless is banned

I have no idea what you are saying or where you are going with your notions. As a minority America is the greatest country in the world. All we have to do now is flush liberalism down the commode, restore morals values and ethics and become one nation under God.

Bout all you said today may be founded on liberal talking points and notions
Guilds I know you better than the nonesense of today’s notions. Come on, man. What a bunch of malarkey.


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Well said :clap:

Brookings is not exactly a magnet for crazy people and drug addicts.

The church is across the street from a sizeable, wooded park. I expect that is a haven for the homeless.

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The “benevolent meal service” in question is the church’s meal service, where they feed the community every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and every other Saturday. They alternate Saturdays with a different local church.

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church faced an abatement order from the City of Brookings on April 14, referencing section 17.01.040 of the Brookings municipal code and claiming that the church violated the code by providing a “benevolent meal service” without a conditional use permit. The notice said that if the church failed to abate, they would face a fine of $720 a day

$720 daily imposition on the church because of a third party’s alleged behavior. Doesn’t seem right.


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Doing drugs also effects one’s ability to get a decent job.

That is a correct statement. short of giving a free house to everyone who says “Help I can’t keep my Walmart job,” there are only a few things we can do to help most homeless and politically, we are not likely to do those.

There are a number of things we can do to prevent homelessness.

  • It’s almost impossible in most parts of America to rent individual rooms to people. Zoning laws etc. typically require a private bathroom and private kitchen with every rental. (Very difficult to afford for one of life’s losers working a McJob.)

  • ~57% of homeless are ex-cons (including roughly 20% who were never arrested until they were homeless and arrested only for things relating to homelessness.) I don’t like spending money and I don’t like coddling prisoners but some sort of a better halfway house system etc., for transitioning ex cons into the working world would do a lot.

  • Having worked with the homeless (quite a bit) I completely believe the estimates that 60-80% of homeless are addicted or mentally-ill or both

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mental illness - i think that is really the root of the problem. not “republicans” like the dumbass jimmy kimmel media and democrats make people think

it’s also a big part of the other issues that plague society.

and what do Democrats and the deranged left do - normalize it, protect and promote it and stick it in govt

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This is the issue, not feeding the homeless:

Despite our best efforts, significant public safety problems remain at and surrounding St. Timothy’s, including impacts on neighbors, countless police calls, vandalism, property damage and other serious public safety concerns.

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Government should not impose on the church for the actions of third parties.

I don’t believe they’ve made their best efforts. If those things are a problem, park a squad car at the church. It’s not a waste of resources if the problem is as large as the neighbors are claiming

Why park a squad car at the church when the homeless are vandalizing homes and stealing from people in the neighborhood? What good is that going to do?

If cops can’t see the crimes from the church parking lot, it’s outrageous to use the government to impose on the church because of those crimes.

This is assuming, generously, that these alleged crimes are as big a problem as the neighbors are claiming.

You mean this parking lot? :roll_eyes: :rofl:


The church is not responsible for anything outside of that picture.
The government should not curtail the rights of the church just because someone ate a biscuit there and allegedly committed a crime somewhere else.

I’m taking issue with your statement that parking a car in the parking lot will resolve the issues that spill over into the neighborhood.

It will, if the neighbors are telling the truth. If it can’t be seen from that lot, then the church isn’t spilling anything.

Really? Did I not quote this? It has been an ongoing issue with this church.

So, you contend parking a squad car at the church will resolve the crime that is committed in the neighborhood outside of the church grounds.

Good grief :roll_eyes:

It will certainly resolve

How many miles away, or hours later, does crime remain St.Timothy’s fault because they cooked food? Just curious.