Feeding the homeless is banned

Which is why parking squad car in their parking lot is silly.

We could be printing concrete homes for 10k each. Plenty of federal land to put them on.

The won’t go unless its in a city or town somewhere.
If you bus them there or force them there they won’t stay.

Not a chance, not even a small one.

That’s a parking lot? I can’t see. :rofl:

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Plenty of empty commercial space then.

I can imagine that ending well or badly.
I am skeptical but I won’t rule it out.

You take one of the many vacant buildings that once was a supermarket. In the back is full kitchen facilities for some charitable organization to use, to feed the residents. There can be plenty of bathrooms installed in all the space that was formerly used for warehouse space.

Ditto all the vacant ex-K-Mart properties.

There are plenty of such buildings across the nation, and most likely in every town where there is a homeless problem. In fact, many of them are likely being squatted in already, so it’s not like they’ll be moving the homeless problem to these locations. It’s already there.

We (as a society) seem fine with installing safe drug-use facilities already. Why not safe homeless facilities?

Local governments would have to agree to pay the lease on such buildings.

Of course. Or, at least, work out a funding method through some benevolent institution.

In a sense, if the homeless don’t occupy empty commercial space,
they will occupy commercial space that is not vacant.

The whole idea below is kinda surreal, like something out of a sci-fi film.

They don’t actually spend it on homeless. Those in govt give it to their friends. That’s why they don’t even want to end homelessness. It’s a gravy train for connected SF dems…

If people and churches stop helping the homeless they will change their congregation points but

  • they will not stop being homeless
  • they will not move to another city.

Deck chairs on the Titanic.