FDR “racist.” and oh yeah, Reagan “racist” too. Guess Who!


how about Reagan?

sage AOC lumped him in there as well


I think how the term is used in 99% of the time racist.

people often throw around term without understanding the meaning.


Reagan treatment of the aid crisis was horrible, I don’t really know about him and race relations.


Again, they were not his policy advisers. They were sent as advisers to various Department and agencies. And once again, they were only set up because Eleanor asked FDR to do so. But even if they were his advisers, that is still not evidence that he was not racist. See LBJ.


i dont care that you dont care about him

it’s her position

i am pointing out how it is also absurd, like all the things she says


I know nothing of the sort, but I’ll take your word for it. Nevertheless, there’s that whole mote/beam thing that you’re kind of violating.


the “black cabinet” is defined as policy advisers

you think something he does makes him racist, so “racist!”

someone else points out something that suggests otherwise, but that’s dismissed…



i get outright insulted but no “violation”

i poke at grammar - i’m in “violation”



Try studying up on it, thinkingman…you might learn something. The “Black Cabinet” were policy advisers to the various agencies and departments, as I’ve already mentioned twice before. They were not advisers directly to the President. They were not part of his Cabinet. And they were not FDR’s idea.


Persecution complex much?

I said you were violating the whole adage of not trying to remove the mote from your neighbor’s eye before plucking the beam from your own. That has 0% to do with anyone insulting you.

Though as far as insults go, that was exceedingly tame. I thought you Trump supporters were supposed to be against snowflakes…


from: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Cabinet


Keep reading buddy…


No need to ask, it’s obvious that you fear being told the truth.


you said “not advisers to fdr”

i corrected your wrongness


I said they were not advisors directly to the President. Do you really not understand the difference? That’s what happens when you use the opening paragraph to a wikipedia page as your sole source. But even there, if you bothered to read the whole article, you’d see that they were not advisers directly to FDR. I don’t know how to make it any clearer to you.

Edit to add: In fact, if you really read the whole thing, you’ll find that only one of them even had direct access to the White House, and that was because of a personal friendship with…wait for it…Eleanor.


you’re trying to draw a distinction with your use of word “direct”

what matters is, as the first paragraph says (unless it’s wrong), they were policy advisers to fdr. you said they weren’t “direct” advisers, as though that matters (and as though it’s even defined)

i did read on. the one who got special access and personal audience with fdr so impressed him… not very “racist” sounding to me…

from: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Cabinet


still waiting to hear why clueless talking point fountain AOC is right in that Reagan was a “racist”

maybe it was because he “cut” huge checks for all the surviving japanese people interred during ww2


except when trump is a “racist” though huh?

i bet it’s “spot on” in such cases huh?


Somehow, I just knew you were going to point to that.

So because FDR was impressed by one of her speeches, that means he wasn’t racist? :rofl:

By that logic, I guess David Duke isn’t a racist because he likes what Illan Omar says. Please go on with this superb line of reasoning! :joy:


Are you asking me this question?