FDR “racist.” and oh yeah, Reagan “racist” too. Guess Who!

thats right. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

you may remember her from such talk shows as Colbert and crybaby Jimmy Kimmel

but she had a microphone plopped under her big round dumb voice hole. so, everyone’s “racist.”

keep shining on you beautiful genius

ok start asking why i fear her

FDRs New Deal was racist. It hampered black people in a variety of ways. I’ll link if you need.

And yes reagan was racist. Remember when he freaked out and helped pass gun control legislation because black people were open carrying in their protests. Look up the 67 Mulford Act.


Not to mention FDRs horrific internment of Japanese. He did a lot of things right but he seriously messed that one up.

nothing makes eminent pure data centric Bill Nye (“sex junk” children’s video) stand up for climate change questions like claiming everyone’s “racist:”

i bet he was glad to finally have her straighten some things out for him

lol gawd what idiots.

She decried the idea of incrementalism, a belief in change via small steps, and said it took big sweeping ideas to make a difference.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: incrementalism got her elected!

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a racist (as you just called him) did a “lot of things right?”

trent lott call your office lol

That doesn’t make her wrong.

It makes her ignorant.

No it doesn’t.

man FDR’s new deal, after which she modeled her grand idiotic shoot the moon progressive wish list agenda, is now also “racist”

that’s gotta piss off a lot of democrats

well, in a sane universe it would

I would have thought you’d had enough education for one day.

From whom.

Where ever.

Since Conservatives keep telling us that Democrats want to keep African-Americans down on the plantation and that Republican policies are in the best interest of minorities, when I see AOC agreeing with you by calling out Franklin Roosevelt, I expect you to welcome her with open arms. Can’t you ever be satisfied?


Unless you think helping to win World War II wasn’t a good thing…

my satisfaction is irrelevant here.

do you agree with AOC that FDR and Reagan were “racist”?

We can actually acknowledge the flaws in our previous presidents. That would be amazing if conservatives could acknowledge flaws in their current president.


Were you aware that FDRs New Deal disproportionately favored white people?

And are you aware that Reagan freaked out when blackmpeople open carried guns and passed gun control legislation because of his racism?

no one’s perfect

or not racist evidently lol

oh well except genius AOC of course

Where was she wrong?