FDR “racist.” and oh yeah, Reagan “racist” too. Guess Who!


no. but it suggests fdr might not be a racist. he was so impressed with her he appointed her to the NYA.

your comment about david duke makes no sense and is oddly out of place


not specifically you. sorry if i posted it as a reply

but please feel free if you want to


All by itself, sure, it suggests he might not be racist. With all the other evidence I’ve supplied, nah, not really.

I was showing how just because someone likes something a black person says, it doesn’t make them a non-racist. Or perhaps you’re not familiar with this story:

If you can’t see the parallel, then you are beyond assistance.


I never said I agreed with her on what she said about Reagan. In fact, I don’t.

That doesn’t change the fact that she was right about FDR. I mean, its not even that controversial of a statement.


Look, its been fun debating the obvious with you tm, really, it has. But I’ve got other things to do tonight. If you want to continue defending a dead, racist President, I’ll be happy to pick it up again in the morning.


it might not contriversial, but it is unfounded


you dont have to tell me you’re done. post when you can

i am not defending him. i am merely pointing out that she has no definitive basis for calling him racist.

esp since he included black Americans

nor does she have any credibility. she seems to call many other presidents (dead and alive ) “racist” with no sensible basis

she is pure distilled condonsed identity politics

she knows no other way to frame her thoughts


One typo biiiig deal on a phone ;).


It is spot on because it can be objectively verified.


So that means he can’t be racist?


She’s half right Roosevelt was racist as hell. See the Japanese internment camps.


We were not at war with American Citizens of Japanese descent.

The most decorated unit of WWII was an all Japanese Regiment, all Japanese Americans that is except for the commanding officers.

Many of those serving enlisted directly from the same internment camps in which their families had been imprisoned.

Perhaps worse than the imprisonment they lost their homes, businesses, cars etc as well and reparations were not made until the early 90’s, and they were for a mere fraction of what was lost.


How exactly does this show he wasn’t racist? His main target was Japanese Americans.


no it cant


no but if he is, he’s really bad at it


the exec order from fdr names no people or groups

this was not a good thing by any means, of course, but there is no evidence it was motivated by hate of races on fdr’s part


if she was “half right” how was the “new deal” racist?


i dont care about typos unless they are clumsily used for insults


Im glad we agree.


Blacks were excluded from many if not all of the benefits.