FDR “racist.” and oh yeah, Reagan “racist” too. Guess Who!



That’s got to be the lamest defense of FDR’s racism I’ve ever seen. Go ahead and make up any possible reason you want for FDR to invite ONLY white gold medal winners, while excluding the guy that won double the number of gold medals than the next highest winning US olympian. Get real! :rofl:

The dude interned 10s of thousands of Japanese Americans into prison camps, 2/3rds of which were born here in the US, and had never set foot in Imperial Japan, with no due process. He was tightly aligned with the southern democrats and refused to sign off on anti-lynching laws. He appointed a KKK member to the US supreme court.

You’re right…saying FDR was a racist is just an opinion…not. :rofl:


japan was our war enemy

not going there is hardly proof of “racism”. i guess you, like AOC, are going to ignore the groupd of afric americans advisors he had for public policy

if you want to post actual proof he is a racist go ahead but so far i don’t see anything definitive


Japan was our war enemy. People of Japanese descent who were born in this country and never set a foot in Imperial Japan, who fought and died FOR this country in two separate World Wars were not. Yet they were sent to prison camps without due process or recourse.

Why wasn’t everyone of German or Italian descent put in internment camps? Yes, there were some German and Italian nationals put in camps, but not nearly in the same numbers, and not people who were born in this country.

Sorry, tm, but you’re so pissing-your-pants-scared of AOC that you’re afraid to admit she might actually be right about something. Even something so obvious as this. I find the whole thing laughable. :rofl:


italy/germany did not sneak attack us. the exec order to set up military exclusion areas in fact didnt even mention any groups.

i guess we’re STILL ignoring all of FDR’s black cabinet members/advisors

it’s not impossible for AOC to be right about some things as long as she robotically keeps to her carefully scripted talking points. but she has no credibility with this because she flings “racist” at everything like a pull string doll, including Reagan and of course Trump and others.

keep on laughing and posting your emotes, but she’s a clueless parrot.

as a “conservative” you ought to know better than to give her any credibility.


So what if they didn’t sneak attack us? We were at war, were we not? If locking people up because of their genetic origins, regardless of how long they’ve been in the country is okay for one group, it should be for all of them, no? But the Japanese were the ones targeted.

FDR did not have black cabinet members. The first black cabinet member was appointed by LBJ (who was also well known to be a racist). What you’re referring to was a group of unofficial ‘advisors’ set up at the behest of Mrs Roosevelt, who had no real political power. and weren’t even advisors to the President himself. Rather, they were farmed out to different departments and agencies to advise them, again at the behest of Eleanor. You’re basically using a watered down version of the “I have black friends, so I can’t be a racist argument”.

I’ve known FDR was a racist since before AOC was a glint in her father’s eye. I’m not giving her any credibility by agreeing with her when she says the sky is blue.

You really should go change your pants now…the urine smell is getting to be a bit much. :rofl:


AOC could say Hitler was bad and people would be like wow wow he wasn’t that bad of a guy.


Its about what FDR did dont like the racist label on certain things he did? Its pretty elementary but i get why you font understand.


Sneaks apparently agrees as well but hey caring about human rights is verboten.


We do it all the time in very optional wars.


Its weird when democrats criticize the racist acts of other democrats which we are always called on to do on a near daily basis on this forum by some republicans yet when we do, those same republicans trip over themselves to defend the democrat being criticized. Its bizarre.


No no…let’s not use the word conservative here…I’m a conservative, and I’m calling tm out on this. I’d say the more accurate term to use here would be “Republicans”, or maybe just “Trump Supporters”.

But other than that, yes, I would agree…it is strange, isn’t it.


Ill edit for ya bud. My bad.


if you’re going to make childish insults try to do so without so many typos.


Reagan press sec. would make use homophobic insult when asked about the aid crisis.


You know, I don’t typically go around playing the grammar police, but that’s rich coming from someone who doesn’t seem to understand the rules of capitalization.


Radical Dems turn FDR into the equivalent of a confederate general. Apparently every 50 years, they have to denounce their own past. They should think of that as they move toward the most oppressive system of govt ever, socialism…


fdr had a group of black policy advisers often credited as a precursor to the civil rights movement

nothing says “racist” like taking advice from them i guess

see if you can reply with something without adding comments about changing one’s pants


accepting that people in the early 1900’s were racist isn’t denouncing the good thing they did, its accepting reality.


neither do i unless it’s a pathetic attempt at an insult

but i’m sure you knew that


Yes, terms like “white privilege” are still racist.