FDR “racist.” and oh yeah, Reagan “racist” too. Guess Who!


You didnt read the whole comment thread did you? Neither of us disagreed that war is insane and barbaric.


War is the context. @SixFoot is absolutely correct. You brought the Constitution into it.


Internment camps and imprisoning civilians who have nothing to do with the war is the context actually to which you replied there are no innocents which is factually incorrect otherwise we may as well throw out the UCMJ, the geneva convention, the constitution, and rules of engagement out of the window. This is ultimately what i took issue with, not the fact that war is brutal.


You’ve never been to war? I assumed your handle was a reference to the Air Force (I know, I know).


Again you cut out a major part of my post which provides context. Why did you do that? Ive not been to war but the brutality of war is not what is being discussed nor is it what i initially disagreed with. I come from an air force family though and i know their stories of being deployed.


You talked about throwing those things out, surely you already know we already do just that every time we step outside the wire. :thinking:


Not always. Even that does not prove that the japanese that were locked up were not innocent as you seem pretty desperate to defend and its pretty *****ing insane for sneaky to imply some guilt on them. Must be the e-penor measuring contest.


Not always, like when you were there, or when you heard someone else talk about war? :thinking:

The only thing that “seems” around here is your emotional outbursts and attempts to project whiny thoughts on me like I’m “desperately” doing anything. War sucks, you wouldn’t get it.


No i get it. You want to defend Sneaky so bad you butt your way into the conversation with the e-peen measuring contest. I gave you plenty of context as to what was said and you just doubled down and ignored it just to prove what? The whole point wasnt whether or not we step over those things, but to refute the guilt that sneaky placed on people that he is a ok with locking up by saying there are no innocents in war.

Actually maybe you should lock yourself up in an internment camp yourself to follow your own advice.


You know maybe you guys should lock yourselves up in an internment camp for years since you are so badass and want to lecture me about it. Until then i dont want to hear anyone lecture me about the necessity of striping us citizens of their rights.


interesting. so it’s should be no big deal when one is called a racist then?


fdr took us to war to fight forces intent on exterminating entire races

that show’s how astonishingly stupid she is.

she’ll just call anyone “racist” and her idiot fans will believe her

guess it’s time to take fdr off the dime


a person born in the 1800’s racist! shocking.


At the same time locking up japanese americans… Yeah ok Sport


America only joined WWII because they were forced too.


would he have done that if there was no war?


he shouldn’t have done it period.


So its all good to lock up americans during war… Got it


i doubt anyone joins a war unless forced to do so


If Japan never attacked Pearl Harbor America wouldn’t have joined the war, FDR refused to join the war till he was forced too.