FDR “racist.” and oh yeah, Reagan “racist” too. Guess Who!


where did i say that?


you dont know that and that is supremely debatable


FDR refused to join the war prior to pearl harbor, he was content on letting England fall and only joining if Germany geared up to cross the ocean.


he was not “content” to let that happen as he was supplying allies with supplies since 1940

i know youre a ww2 expert now like everyone just show how “racist” fdr was


Supplying allies, and sending America to die in the millions isn’t the same thing.


America didn’t join WWII for three years they left Europe to bleed for three years and were content with that.


but it shows he wasn’t “content”

and we weren’t attacked by germany

but enough about sending all those lives to die to stop genocidal racism

AOC just spit in the face of every ww2 soldier, veteran and their families

but the retard left and media dare not criticize their airhead queen.


how so? America didn’t care about stopping Hitler, or saving the Jewish people.

Hell America openly refused to accept Jewish refugees from war-torn Europe who where forced to go back to be slaughtered


US soldiers were sent to fight against the universe’s biggest “racists” and liberate countries from them

to claim FDR is a racist is childish lefty garbage

she’s a disrespectful moron


US soldiers were sent to fight against the universe’s biggest racists and liberate countries from them

to claim FDR is a racist is childish lefty garbage


America didn’t join WWII to liberate the Jews or save them.
If that was the intent they would have joined the war years before when it became known fact that Jews were being mass murdered.

England, France, Canada, Russia, didn’t care either.


I know people like to think of WWII like a fight for liberating Europe from evil but that wasn’t the reason.


thanks for your opinion


It should be a basis for a reasoned discussion, not an excuse for communications to shut down. All of us make mistakes, even racist mistakes and it is far better to learn from them to deny them. There are times when actions go beyond “teachable” – Dylann Roof shooting up the leadership of the church in Charleston for instance, but most of us should strive to be better people rather than denying that we have flaws.


He messed up a lot more then that, although the Japanese American internment camps was his inhumane worst it’s not his only sin.


If you go to YouTube and type in “the brains behind AOC” you’ll get a pretty interesting podcast how she answered a casting call to get the job of running for her district and who is really pulling her strings. She only sounds good with those committee questions when she has memorized the script written for her, when she goes “off” script is when she reveals the dunce she really is.


Another FDR mistake!


so its all just one big conspiracy is she one of the lizard people?


No, claiming FDR was a racist is just stating a fact. And its not just about the internment of the Japanese, many of whom were born right here in the US, though that was clearly a racist policy. Were you aware, for example, that after the 1936 Summer Olympics, only white gold medalists were invited to meet with FDR? You know who didn’t get an invite? Jesse Owens, who won 4 gold medals, making him the most awarded US olympian that year. No other US olympian took home more than 2 medals total, and only one of those took 2 golds. But that wasn’t good enough for Owens to get an invite to see the President.

FDR was 100% a racist.

As a conservative, I don’t even like AOC, but she is absolutely right about Roosevelt.


no it’s an opinion, expressed as part of her idiotic agenda. and unless you can show exactly why owens was not invited, then that is merely your opinion too