FDR “racist.” and oh yeah, Reagan “racist” too. Guess Who!


Comparing wrongs to extreme wrongs does not make one an angel.


So its ok to violate the rights of innocent citizens because we are at war with their country of origin? That is insane and pretty barbaric.


Many of them were American citizens.

They had their rights violated and it was a horribly racist policy.

Even still thousands of Japanese-American men from the camps volunteered to fight for the United States, fighting in places such as Italy and France and even fought in the air war against Japan.


You fear her because, like it or not, admit it or not, AOC is the monster, figuratuvely, under your Right Wing Utopian Bed!


Yes but as I was saying almost all weren’t American citizens. They were actually Italians from Italy and Germans from Germany. Big difference.


Eventually, everybody is waisis.


War is insane and barbaric. Fought any other way, and an army quickly finds itself bogged down in a quagmire with no end in sight.


Nobody is innocent when there’s a war on.


That is completely untrue. Its sad to see such lack of humanity but that is also factually inaccurate.


That has no basis in fact. You guys calling yourselves constitutionalists is also hilarious.


About as hilarious as your ideas about what war is? Fair trade.


So not viewing war as an excuse to strip your fellow citizens of their human rights and make them into second class citizens is hilarious?.. good to know who actually supports constitutional rights and who doesnt.


Not knowing what war is at all is just an excuse to get emotional about the topic. War sucks, and it sucks way worse than your feelings feinting over my casual observations.


They arent factual either but excuse me for not being a computer.


If you say so, but thank God less emotional heads make those kinds of decisions.


It is factually untrue war is barbaric?

You are convoluting two different subjects.


And it appears Benjamin Netanyahu is a racist too.


You replied that to my comment without any deeper context so i cant give much more context.


I can totes give you the emotional zombie version if you like.


You already did though. I said war is insane and barbaric and got a tirade in response. Is there something sane and enlightened about war?