Fauci lied, people died

The vaccine poses even less danger.

Contracting the disease to gain immunity from that disease is the dumbest way to gain immunity.

Neither you or anyone else has any idea what the long term risks are. The fact remains, it was pushed through with less thorough testing on an emergency basis, there is no emergency for the young and healthy currently.


We know in 2022 that the effects that so far of vaccination carries way less risk than actually contracting the disease.

So… there is that.

Fact remains, it was approved on an emergency basis for use in an emergency, there is not remotely an emergency among the young and healthy in regard to omicron.

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Following assigned talking pts? :thinking:


…and I think he’s a professional, not an amateur like most of us here. :thinking: :wink:

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I would be satisfied with the spotlight of public House hearings being shown on him for months.

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Seriously dude.

CDC changed the definition of vaccinated.


I bet it was because vaxxed people still got covid. Showing it did not work.


…and the beat goes on…the beat goes on. Fauci must be prosecuted for the murder of millions and the loss of trillions.

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Great video!

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See video at 2:00 for features of the Nepah virus, which could be engineered to allow airborne transmission:

60% lethality
21-day incubation period

Gain-of-function research is arguably the single greatest threat to humanity.

I listened and he compared that with the 1% lethality of COVID 19. My gosh…shut this ■■■■ down.