Fauci lied, people died

It would have been better if the vaccine developed by Oxford had been available royalty free for who ever could manufacture it.

But Bill Gates stepped in a stopped that and insisted that only Astra Zeneca manufacture it at a profit.

I have said so multiple times over the past couple of years

He should be prosecuted…loudly. :sunglasses:


Yep…this is his new and evolved opinion…which is FAR, FAR different from the original…even though…he was the world’s expert. I hear he’s gotta great recipe for bat soup too. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

The original virus that the vaccine was developed for has changed because evolution is a real thing that happens.

Things change. Adjusting to those changes makes sense.

…cept for the fact he’s been wrong from the very beginning.

No… he has been as right as the current evidence presented at the time.

except when we’re talking about immune systems huh?

Please, he has consistently and stubbornly refused to admit natural immunity is a thing. He admits he lied about masks, for our own good. And he flat out lied to congress about gain of function. Which he also engaged in a cover up to hide. He belongs in jail.


Natural Immunity is a thing.

Having exposure to Covid is the worst way to gain any immunity from Covid.

Being vaccinated to gain immunity is much much safer.

National policy at his direction ignored natural immunity. Something we have known about and relied upon for over a hundred years.

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Encouraging people to rely on natural immunity in lieu of vaccinations means that more people would die.

It is not a good health policy.

this has always been true

Except I am talking about people who already had it and were fired or refused travel. Not recommending anyone go get it to obtain immunity.


You are full of it. He lied…over and over and over again. Now…guess why? It’s because he is the source of this virus that has killed millions and millions and millions around the globe and cost the world trillions in lost dollars. He started this chain of function research, then had it shipped to Wuhan where it continued, concluded the knowledge was worth the risk and it got released on the world. What did he do then? He attempted to lie and blame it on nature and from eating bat soup at a local market in Wuhan. He’s a lying turd that needs to be prosecuted for his crimes.

The next question I’ve got though fine sir is, why would you even attempt to defend this?

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People refusing to get vaccinated in the middle of a pandemic is perhaps the pinnacle of human stupidity.

I am sure that you believe all of that to be true.

I am not “defending” anything really… I am simply living in reality.

There was never any reason for the young and healthy to take it., post delta. And even less so now.

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You’re denying reality when everything I just said has proof to back it up…including emails from Fauci himself.

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Even the “young and healthy” can get sick with covid. Getting vaccinated against it is the best and safest way to gain any immunity.

Not getting vaccinated and waiting to get infected is the dumbest and most dangerous way to gain immunity.

As long as that remains true arguing for infection over vaccination is really really stupid.

Omnicron poses very little danger to the young and healthy. Certainly not an emergency warranting the use of an emergency authorized vax.