Fauci lied, people died

Newly released documents confirm that Fauci funded dangerous gain-of-function research involving bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan lab. The revelations appear to directly contradict Fauci’s denials under oath in response to questions from Senator Rand Paul. For details see:

Should Fauci be prosecuted for making false statements to congress?

Should he be impeached and removed from office if Biden refuses to fire him?


We all saw this one coming from a year away. lol


Who in their right mind would encourage and fund China to do gain of function research or any virus research with potential to harm to humans. They are evil communist with the biggest record of mass murder in history. We need to end the power of theses federal agencies. They lie to the people and are filled with fools.


Over and over again. This bureaucrat has been mismanaging deadly disease since he killed all those folks in the AIDS outbreak in the 80’s

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It’s baffling why anyone would trust a thing this clown says anymore.

But lying libs love him.

Explains a lot.


Yes. And he should apologize for what he did to turn the plague loose on the world.

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That why I call him Dr Faulty.

Oh, and btw, the restoration of funds was illegal. He and some of his cronies did it by diverting funds. Shouldn’t that constitute a criminal conspiracy?


Illegally restored funding to the lab.

Says Trump will face a pandemic.

Lab released the bug.

Dr Faulty is pushing a “vaccine” he has related patents to.

Must be a coincidence.


I love how this story makes the gigantic leap of faith claiming the virus was produced in these labs with zero evidence. And then the rest is bloviating and spin by Paul and Cotton.

what about the last Admin they lied too.

when we throwing them in front of a judge.


We just found a herd of purple unicorns in a field next the purple-unicorn genetic engineering lab. It must be a coincidence because the lab says they evolved naturally.

See video starting at 3:00


After the grilling he got from Rand Paul, I’ll call him Dr. Grauci.



What took you sooooo long!!

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are you saying he didn’t lie?

No. I’m saying there are 1000 threads about Trump. This isn’t one. This is a current events topic. About Fauci. Please respect the topic. Do you have the self control to do this?


This thread is about Cotton suggesting Fauci should be charged with crimes because he lied, yet he is ignoring Facui worked for.

I find your leaky “Law and Order” stance to be comical.

Its almost like Cotton doesn’t care about lying he is simply trying to score cheap political point with Republican voters.

So there is evidence it was created in this lab?

Gain of function research is questionable, at best. But that’s not really the point of these arguments, is it?

They’re deployed by the same kinds of people for the same kinds of reasons: to fatalistically give in to covid at home because masks and Fauci and school boards trying to keep children safe are Evil! something something darkside.

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He damn sure has overstayed his time of usefulness it’s time to retire.


“Yeah But Trump…”

Predictably said the leftist…