Fauci lied, people died

If it ain’t on MSNBC or CNN it ain’t legit. Got it. :smirk:

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Withholding Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin did just that. They don’t care. The left does not care if millions die as long as they get power.

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the cdc admitted it, wasn’t that enough? of course not.

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he insisted?

yep, that settles it.

HCQ and Ivermectin are not miracle cures for Covid.

They just don’t work.

That isn’t what’s currently being concluded. It’s being reported that they do work, when provided early on during the infection. It reduces hospitalization and death tremendously. Are you in denial of this?

If what you really meant was “I want Rachael Maddow to smother me with truth and love” just say so. Plenty of MSNBC articles that you would agree with.


It doesn’t though.

There were early indications that is might… but they just don’t work.

What was uncovered was not a grant that was research into SARS but into a relative WIV1.

As shown here.

So the stipulation of the grant was that it could not do gain of function and they reported to the NIH.

The NIH determined it was not gain of function research since that was not the intent of the experiment.

There is legitimate disagreement as to whether this research was gain of function and it is way way way outside of my area of expertise.

What we dumb people can see though is that this research had nothing to do with SARS-COV-2

Fauci did it. He is Science.

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They failed to disclose.

See above pane.


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Two things

Does not mean that they never disclosed it. They didn’t disclose it in a timely manner. They should be held accountable for that, but that is weak sauce to build a huge conspiracy around especially when they were working on a different virus and were not intending gain of function. The results that they had were by all accounts a surprise.

When they did disclose.

and furthermore.

That is a weak weak basis to build a huge conspiracy on.

Gutfeld had a good commentary of the Fauci and friends’ efforts hide the likely lab origin of the virus and the ongoing bumbling response from the White House.


I’ve done research for the government. I know how to hide real intent with research that “appears” to have a different, more acceptable or legal function. Of course they funded gain of function research. It’s naive to think otherwise.

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Well rando on the internet claims it… so it must be true.

Got to do better than that.

Here… let me give you my name and details of how we hid the true intent of the research we did under government funding. Sure buddy.

Yep… rando on internet says it is so.

Compelling argument.

Rando on the internet says it’s not so.

Those are excellent points for Fauci’s defense layers to present at his trial. :wink:

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Uh … Aren’t you also a “rando on the Internet”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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