Father of sexual assault victim arrested in Loudoun

Good come back. Props

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Ohhhhh so that was just BS when you guys tried to make a distinction between biological sex - which in the English language is denoted by the words “male” and “female” - and gender.

Actually I knew that but decided to make you admit it here and now.


What are you talking about? Who are “you guys” and where did they say male and female only refer to biological sex and not also gender? I’ve always used male and female when referring both to biological sex and gender.

It’s how we end up like this:


I’m disappointed in Biden’s lack of diversity hiring of undercover agents.

@STODR is not the one that is confused.


And rape.

How can I help alleviate your confusion?


People shouldn’t rape. No special room for that consideration is needed.

So you like discrimination against people you don’t like.
This is what make me worry about the country.
We now have a segment of the population that likes making a segment of the population they don’t like second class citizens.
Makes you wonder who they are going to make second class citizens next.

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So by your standards if you chose to be a trans woman you should accept the consequences of that choice. One consequence is that you can’t use area’s used by woman if you still have your tally whacker.

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It’s not a choice

Sorry it is a choice.

LOL, I haven’t heard that in coon ages.

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How the Hell hard is it to recognize the following…

Two teenage girls were apparently raped. The perpetrator apparently was moved from one school after the first incident to another school where he commited the second…so the school board and school district could handle things “Internally”. The school board lied about “No incidents” at the school where the first attack occured. The first attack occured in a girls bathroom and the individual who attacked that young woman was male, in a women’s restroom, apparently wearing a skirt which served as either a disguise or something. When the father of the first victim went before the school board he was arrested, left bleeding by the people who arrested him, and turned unjustly into the face of “Domestic Terrorism”…In reality he was a parent justifiably angry about what had happened to his daughter.

All this “Con’s wouldn’t care if he wasn’t trans”, “you righties are prejudiced because you mentioned his skirt”, all that extra crap is just a distraction from the reality that there was criminal behavior certainly by the rapist, and possibly by the school board chairman and members who lied about the situation, failed to inform the community of a rape in one of their schools, and who actually placed the attacker in a different school enabling the second attack.

That is the situation as we currently understand it…New facts certainly could come out…But that’s where we are right now. Nothing I just wrote is anti gay, anti trans, anti anything, except maybe for anti rape and anti lying by powerful people in charge of the education of our kids.

To be honest I’m kind of disgusted by the people trying to justify or at least minimalize this story by tippy toeing around the minutia.


Most of this isn’t true. See @toreyj01 post.

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I ve been wondering when the American people would reach the tipping point with the control freak kook fringe left.

I m starting to wonder if this Loudoun County VA story isn’t going to be that moment.

I hope so…the nut job left in America right now is dangerous, has some political power, and is seeing that power slip away as the Biden Harris administration continues to bumble its way thru it’s moment in history.


Liberals … like the liberals who eliminated slavery … are not leftists.

Be careful if your surroundings when you do that …

Of course it is. The transformation must be initiated by the one who is transforming.