Father of sexual assault victim arrested in Loudoun

The superintendent "Scott Ziegler declared that “the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist,” and that to his knowledge, “we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms,”

Of course the local Sherriff disagrees…

Loudoun County transfers the assaulter to another school where the assaults begin fresh…

the system is working…

The first I heard of this story, I thought this father was a violent out of control nut. Now that I know the actual back story, yeah, he was the rational one.


As I said in other thread. Boys of that school needs to become men and track down and beat that freak/pervert to bloody pulp.

I also hope the parents sue the ■■■■ out of that school.


The sexual assault allegation runs contrary to the media narrative that predators with penises are no threat to girls, so expect silence from the left-wing media. I expect that the father may get visit from the FBI since confronting the school board about their apparent complicity may make them feel uncomfortable.

The case reminds me of the LA spa controversy several weeks ago that ended with the arrest of a person with a penis who has multiple sexual assault convictions.


We warn em…we told libs right here on this forum would happen…and of course those same libs denied it.


The Soros funded county prosecutor wanted jail time for this father charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct? He wanted accountability from the school board because they ■■■■■■■ covered it up? He gets roughed up by deputies and hauled off to the hoosegow. There you have it Virginia.


The little ■■■■ predator should be locked up and the officials who denied/white washed this need to be held to account. The false narrative that was originally pushed here is an indictment of the woke mentality infesting this system.


Does anyone really believe there is actually a thing called gender fluid? It’s already weird enough out there without the ability for someone to change their gender daily depending on how they feel. Or in this case, today’s a good day to be a girl go into the girls restroom then switch back over to a man and rape a girl.

Trans I get but gender fluid :thinking:

Simply disgusting.

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Well, he is a domestic terrorst after all, remember?

How dare he question and try to hold the school board accountable. Doesn’t he know who they are?

/sarcasm off

That girls rape rest at hands of left-wing perverts.

Meanwhile those cops that arrested the father bloody him up from my understanding. This is why cops are not our friends. Just my two cents worth…make it three to allow for inflation.


This is a rape… the kids should get prosecuted.

But since he is gender fluid it’s important to the culture war conservatives to make that a point.

Rape is rape. The kid would have gone in the bathroom either way.


He wasn’t gender fluid now was he?


I don’t think that has been confirmed. If true, it would be in the police report, which isn’t open to the public yet.

Idk the story says “he” was wearing a skirt. If that wasn’t in the story… conservatives wouldn’t care.


That is what makes this story culture war worthy. Without that, conservatives wouldn’t care


The father was taken down and beaten by the fascist cops for daring to bring up his daughter rape in which the school tried to cover up.

That’s the story…they pervert in skirt just adds to it.


It’s a claim from the father. Unclear if it’s been corroborated by police or others.

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He was disruptive. He shouldn’t have been “beat up”.

No the story is the boy in a skirt. We all know it.


Don’t let this stop the conservative culture war