Seriously, There's a Couple of Things Bothering Me About the Direction


Should they be investigated to make that determination or should they be ignored?


Did you know that Garland has sent out a letter to states listing thirteen federal laws they can charge parents with.

Not by the DOJ.


They should not be investigated by the fed.

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Was that so gosh darn hard?


I sure don’t remember reading that story, or posting in that thread. I assume you checked because you would have mentioned it.

I’ll read and respond later. Have work to do for a few hours.

Sure, sure. Keep a civil tongue in your face when addressing me.

Why not?

No assistance? You think local police are fully staffed and capable?

Not if it’s a democrat run city.


Do you truly not understand how the governments of this country are formulated? Concepts such as jurisdiction, separation of powers? Policing powers?

How did we© fail you so badly?

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States have been handling these things for longer than I have been born.


And counties.


Last post for a few hours, but that is an example of the local police handling the situation. That seems to be your preferred remedy. Why are you complaining about this example?

I did not read it closely - did he levy a threat, or was he just unruly?

If there was no threat, Garland would agree there is no role for the federal government. If it was a disorderly conduct charge, that should be handled locally. And it was.

On the surface, not having watched the exchange, I disagree with jail time. That’s a pretty highly charged situation, and I can related personally to being pissed.

If he made death threats, or threats of violence, that would change my mind I think.

Got to run…

Didn’t someone recently say that harassments like those in the letter happened to everyone if they don’t have secret service protection? It’s apparently part of the process.

But, when the White House was helping the NSBA prepare that letter, they suggested including instances. The instances they selected show how exaggerated this was. One of the examples was someone who was upset because his daughter was raped. Others were cases where the school board had chosen to close the meeting rather than hear opposing views. One was some idiot in the audience giving a fake nazi salute which of course is a childish way of saying the school board members are nazis. Uncomfortable as these things may be, they are the types of protests that happen, especially by the left, all the time. There is nothing here that would require federal intervention except that the White House thinks it is only the left that should be allowed these types of protests.


Yep, only time I used twitter, to mock Obama’s truth squads, immediate death threats from his supporters was the result. If we are going to lock people up for it, better start building new prisons right now. Especially juvenile ones.


Did you report those death threats tot he police or FBI?

Death threats are a protest?

No, also never reported the hundreds of death threats I have gotten after fragging newbs in FPS’s, because that would be stupid. Like the courts in general, I can discern between hyperbole and genuine threats.

So then that’s not really the same as people calling school board officials at their homes, naming their children, and telling them they are going to kill them, is it?

Nope, but if it happened, it isn’t a federal question or under federal jurisdiction either.