Mod interaction questions

Hi there!

Quick question about mod interaction in threads. If the post doesn’t have the Official Mod Posting tag, are we to assume the mod is acting simply as a poster?

I am referring specifically to this interaction:

(I used a curse instead of gosh darn)

To which I asked (and will now delete in teh thread since this is a better place to ask):

(Question - is that a mod instruction, or a poster demand? Either way I apologize for cursing, I was frustrated by your assumption that I knew what you were talking about. Happy to edit, but would like to know if cursing at you is verboten per mod, or if you are just yelling at me poster to poster. Thx.)

@SneakySFDude thanks for letting me know if this is a mod rule or just poster to poster conversation.



And again, sorry for cursing - frustration got the better of me.

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What is a “mod posting tag” ?

Mod Note