Far right wins EU elections and Macron could be history soon

That’s a knee jerk response from American libs.

EU libs as well apparently.


Everyone who doesn’t bow down and kiss the ring of lib elitist ideology is now “far right”! AHHHHHH!


Churchill was against mass migration as well your looking for another Tony Blair.

Winston Churchill statue


Take your own advise.

the way I hear it, the Danes and Norwegians still owe you folks reparations!
(Me too I guess since I’m an Irish American.)

I’ve got an idea, it may have never been tried before. We can have states with different laws and you can live in a state that reflects your views and i can live in one that reflects mine. You know, like if you want abortion until crowning, you can have it, and if I want to ban it, I can have that. Same with immigration. If you want to be an illegal alien sanctuary, have at it. When they get to your neighborhood welcome them with open arms and protect them from federal laws requiring them to leave, and when they’re in my state, I’ll call ICE to come pick them up and maybe move them to your state.

Not sure what to call this radical idea…


Those who favor those things are left wing extremists who don’t need to be running the show.

Couldn’t agree more. Only citizens and legal residents should be allowed to purchase property.

We have to do something about foreign corporations buying up critical infrastructure.

They’re just generally arrogant.


What does?

The right also took the german elections. The green party lost big time. Just like In America the youth are rejecting the poverty of leftist policy. Not to mention the endless wars.

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The European refugee crisis involving Ukrainian refugees is a walk in the park compared to the US border refugee crisis with about 10 million or more swarming in during the Biden regime.


Once you get past the diarrhea media hit pieces anti AFD fest, their platform is as follows

  • On trade - free trade with protectionism
  • Foreign policy - pro NATO
  • Euroskeptic not on board with globalization
  • No Islam
  • Protection of borders, skilled based immigration, no mass illegal immigration.
  • Move on from the past reclaiming Germany’s sovereignty and national pride
  • on climate The AfD accepts that the climate is changing, however, it denies that this change is attributable to human influences.
  • wants to bring back enscription age 18.
  • No Islam
  • LGTQ+pIZL&QQ no same sex marriage but protection under the law.
  • no Islam
  • AfD has historically been more skeptical of China, demanding the government to strip the “developing country” status for China, voicing opposition to “Chinese economic espionage”.

They are a mirror image of todays Sweden Democrats party not the 1933 German national socialist party.

This is what passes far beyond the pale far right.


That is a contradiction in terms.

A person or party is either one or the other. It is not a multiple choice situation.

Either they are a proponent of free trade or they are a proponent of protectionism.

Which is it???

Per wiki

AfD is an economic liberal party.[14][187] Despite the 2015 split of economic liberals, AfD can still be broadly characterized as neoliberal on economic terms, emphasizing deregulation and much limited state intervention. Attempts of some factions to emphasize small and medium-sized enterprises, and advocate protectionism over free trade.

It’s difficult finding information on them other than they are the next Reich


And apparently at today’s G-7 meeting Giorgia Meloni is the star.

It’s her and a bunch of lame duck walking zombies who threw away their careers (and their parties’ chances) being too pro-immigration,

So I guess you were all wrong in your assumption that Europeans are just a bunch of liberal, cheese eating surrender monkeys after all.
Fancy that.

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Sounds like something Biden would actually say.

I musta been wrong about the cheese.