Facebook just had the worst day in stock market history


There’s a slight gap between “kids” and “45”. Not as much of one as there should or used to be, I’ll grant you.


The value of a stock is what buyers say it’s worth.


More linear ■■■■■■■ thinking.


Varney says “its just not fun anymore”. He’s tired of the censorship…he doesn’t have a face book page, he doesn’t like it.

Are killing themselves with their safe spaces and censorship of anyone conservative?


Great points and Zuckerberg is well deserving. Get ready for the libs and never trumpers to come at you with all their verbal guns blazing though. :rofl:


It’s no more a liberal rebuke than its overvalued rise was a conservative one. But whatever gets y’all all tingley


I’d like to see a competing “facebook” that is impartial unbiased, but that doesn’t seem possible. Face book rose quick, it could crash even quicker.

But then again, this might be a “buying opportunity.”


I occasionally reply to a political post on F.B. I rarely make one. Typically I use it to communicate about events and fun things such as vaca stuff. And of course to brag about my kids. I do my politics on Hannity.


I never talk politics on FB and i unfriended a couple of in laws who refused to stop talking lib politics on there.

I check on my kids and friends and of course my grandaughter! :grin:


Young people aren’t on FB anymore. They left once their parents (us) started going on it.

Has nothing to do with politics or censoring anyone.


There is always the “popular” codias.com for conservatives… Think of it as a safe space for “conservative” ideas… warning, when I signed up and registered the security code they texted me was “0000” which is a little suspicious of the robustness of their site… I registered anyway but it kept asking to troll my contacts…


You obviously don’t know much about it. There’s more young people on than old I dare say.


Pretty big hit to revenues now that they are not pocketing rubles for ads…


I know that my kid (24) and his friends aren’t on it anymore. My friends tell me their kids aren’t on it anymore, and none of my cousin’s or sibling’s kids (ages 30-45ish) are on it anymore. They’re on Instagram.


My kids are all on it and their cousins as well. Youngest kid of mine is 26.


Correct, facebook seems to limited to an older crowd… Like a 71 year old congressman and a 28 year old Russian “student”… Now that the rubles have dried up for facebook ads, revenues have started to decline…


I don’t care for it but it’s still in obsessive use. This pull back was over done (25% down) on an earnings beat? I saw the guidance but still would bet in a month it will be back near 200.


Maybe it’s only liberal kids who’ve binned it.


That’s it. :wink:


How young? Believe it or not, some young people actually try to communicate with there parents and older co-workers. I have tons of FB friends who are 30ish. Teenagers? Not so much. But I’m fine with that.