Facebook just had the worst day in stock market history

Facebook stocks today dropped a record 19 percent – valued at $119 billion – the biggest one-day loss for a public company in stock market history, reports CNN. The loss came as the company shifts to paying more attention to user privacy after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

I suspect cons are cheering the loss, but I’m happy that the company looks to be paying a little more attention to its users. It made some big mistakes. Hopefully, it has learned from them.

well. damn…

I dont see how much more they can grow their user base. Haven’t looked at the numbers though or listened to earnings call. I think Netflix will have a big drop sometime in the near future. A lot of older people are starting to buy it and once they are all in, growth is going to slow…especially with telecom companies getting into streaming.

Ouch - glad I don’t have any of their stock in my portfolio.


Of course you would cheer and laugh at Americans losing money in the stock loss. My wife has FB stock, and took a financial hit today. A great many other Americans as well. A man has to be in a very, very dark place to be so happy to see fellow men and women get hurt.

It seems hard to avoid, even if you don’t have direct FB stock. They seem to be in many funds and baskets.

I do. It was one of the “fun” stocks I bought too much of in 2014ish. Not a fun day. Now I’m going to have to watch my picks again. On the other hand, I like stocks like that because the swings are exciting.

You weren’t the only one, thankfully amzn just had a positive quarter hope your wife was holding it as well.

I still think FB is a longtime hold stock it has been beaten back before only to come back assuming the market stays on par.

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I actually just got lucky. It was in one of my ETF’s until last week - and I noticed last week that it had been replaced with an equivalent value of IBM stock. I thought it was an odd trade, but I’m glad it happened.

She has a very diversified portfolio. And at our age, it is as much for fun, like gambling, as it is for financial well being. But that is not true for many other people, where this could have been very devastating for them. I’ve never understood people relishing in others misfortune or misery out of a partisan perspective.

Wow - real classy. An American citizen cheering at other American citizens losing a boatload of money. And from one who no doubt has been yelling “MAGA” for the last 2 years…


I wouldn’t assume everyone here is American, but yeah, someone laughing at others’ misfortunes like that leaves you shaking your head.

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nah just a trump supporter. “if it makes liberals (anyone not licking Trump boots) cry then it has to be good”

It’s disgusting. And @gooddad409 claims a moral high ground as a Christian. I struggle to see a less Christ-like reaction.


Spare me the lecture from a “principled” never Trumper. :roll_eyes:

For too many of these unpatriotic bozos, all they care about is pissing off liberals/democrats , even if it harms the country or other Americans.

The epitome of party over country.

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His and others assessment seems spot on.

ps. Mark Zuckerberg is still worth $67 billion after the drop. He says :rofl: !

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In that case, you can consider it a lecture from a decent human being.

You’re welcome.


Freakin’ Russians.