Facebook just had the worst day in stock market history


Agree. Very much agree.


It appears he came to another thread to pretend there wasn’t a beat down in the other thread.


lol - Do you cons really not realize that Facebook is just fine? Stock will settle for 2 or 3 months and then start to climb again.


In the meantime, facebook employees will be drinking TAP WATER, my god man, think of the implications of drinking TAP WATER before going to their corporate massage therapist and heading home… It’s almost like torture… :joy:


IMO, Facebook is STILL over-valued.

I’m guessing that most people who “lost” $$ on FB today did so on paper only. Today it is still worth more than it was only 3 months ago. It’s a shocking plunge, to be sure, but an actual loss won’t happen unless the investor sells at the lower price. Three months from now I won’t be surprised to see FB nearing its old value.

I supposed I have some FB in one or more of the funds in my 401k. Unless a person is invested only in individual stocks (that are not FB) he probably owns some of just about everything.

I also don’t put much concern in the “political scandal” that Facebook seems to be embroiled in. “The Russians” did nothing different than what eBay does, or Amazon or SouthWest Airlines or any other company whose ads come up on your facebook page. Targeted marketing. You have cookies all over your device and predictable/trackable behaviors that let advertisers decide whether you are worth paying for to pump their ad on your page.

To be blunt, if you got some of the ads that the Russians were pumping, you might want to think about what makes you so attractive to the Russians.


And then the graph he posted showed a trend were google searches for “tweets” was trending upwards at the same time that searches for “Donald tweets” was trending downward :joy:


lol - Well, I would quit for sure. But most will struggle through.


If they take away the granola and fresh oranges in the break room, I am outta here…


I work with all kinds of people under 45 who live on facebook.


I missed it if posted, but someone pointed out today that it lost… it lost in value the market capitalization equal to the entire market cap of IBM, NIKE and McDonald’s combined. lol That’s crazy.


Yeah, I believe that east. But since FB owns Instagram and is now working toward apps that will link Instagram post to FB accounts automatically they will try to drag those who dropped FB back on board to some degree.


believe that easy*



I don’t really know anything about any of it. Don’t care either. I tried it once, I don’t get it.


They’ll switch to something else that hasn’t even been thought of yet. The young are always the early adopters.

I have a nephew-in-law who works for FB in marketing. I’ll ask him the next time I see him what the demographics are and how they are changing.


Yeah, I had no interest at all either but created an account when my nephew was deploying to Iraq and was told it would be an easy way to stay in touch.

I almost never post a thing, but it’s a nice way to stay in touch with some family and old, close friends scattered around the country. For me, I’m on maybe an hour a week. Maybe.


I did because we’re supposed to monitor our kids.


lol - Better you than me man. :slight_smile:


I gave up and just beat him instead, it was easier.


Few kids are on facebook these days other than to appease parents…


rofl… While he did refrain, Dad would have approved of that call.