Facebook just had the worst day in stock market history


Probably right. The only losers are those who sell now.

I lost a heck of a lot more temporarily(mutual funds) during the 2000 crash. Kept right on buying during the low.


My kid communicates with me by text and the occasional phone call.

I have a few younger FB friends (early 40’s) who are on it to post pictures of their young kids because that is what their parents are on. They post way more stuff on Instagram though.


Interesting, didn’t think folks might want it be apolitical. But I can see it, to keep its original purpose. I’m not a facebook user, no dog in this fight at all. Although I do have a barely used Facebook page somewhere.




I found some kids walking around the neighborhood. Snapchat it is I guess.


After a day like today, I can’t help but consider FB a buying opportunity. Not sure if I will do it, but there’s no way I’m selling it unless something absolutely crazy happens in the next five years.


In the American populace:

Libs = 21%
Cons = 40%

How the hell did Trump win???
What happened when Dems turned against white working people???
What the hell happened when Facebook turned on Conservatives???

Same question, same answer.

Keep it up Proggie libs. Einstein weeps.


I sure wish I’d bought Apple stock back when it was $1 a share.


I think the stock will recover as well it’s to engrained in society. That being said I am not sure why FB stock would be a partisan issue. :roll_eyes:


a few facts

facebook average daily users increased by 11% year over year
even with the drop yesterday facebook stock is still only back to where it was 3 months ago