Face it libs, your people are animals.(revised)

How can we know when you are not denouncing them on the hours like you want the libs to do?

Do you just not see when libs say they don’t support violence? Post blindness, maybe?

Those poor children.


He still can’t seem to find the post that he quoted a few minutes ago. So there’s that.

Now do that multiple times a day everyday like some on here want the libs to do. If you fail, clearly they represent you.

Didn’t he say it would be President Hillary to us back in 2016 as well? :thinking:

I think he did. :wink:

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Edited for context.

Okay. Since I answered your question, which you rendered a retort, want to answer mine?

Would you support using force to shut this crap down? Is it time to say enough is enough?

How would you put an end to this bestial sedition?

I think that’s adorable.
He’s going to be a wonderful President.

Why wouldn’t they?

Anarchists don’t tend towards electoralism.

You didn’t denounce the proud boys. It was only the Boogaloo boys. Do you denounce the Proud Boys? How would I know you don’t support their terrible messages?

Because if they voted they wouldn’t be Antifa.

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Personally, I find it abhorrent when old men try to force their mouths on little kids, but whatevs. :man_shrugging:

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They’re not anarchists though… Becase Starbucks or something. Hurr de hurr.

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You don’t support violence, just prison rape.


Good clean Christian family values, man.

Maybe you send that particular concern to Epstein pal Donny From Queens?

I can see why libs would cling to that in order to justify their vote for a kid sniffer. :man_shrugging:

How bout including my nancy pelosi as House speaker in 2018? To get a full picture as my record as pundit.