Everybody ready for RECOUNTS?!?!


Two words. Dino Rossi

They kept recounting…and they kept finding more ballots.


The gap keeps closing, ■■■■■■■ crazy if it flipped. Always Florida…


You don’t find it funny that Walker passed a law forbidding recounts for losses greater than 1%, then lost by 1.2%?

I find that very funny.


Well. Hard to argue with that.


Yea who in hell are these libs thinking that counting the vote of people who voted is the way we should determine the number of people that voted.


Its the liberals who dont understand politics. That’s why mr trump is president.


Recounts lol if anyone saw Sean Hannity’s show last night then they know what’s really going on here and personally it stinks.


What did Sean say?


Well well well…it seems they’re trying to pull off what they did to Dinno Rossi.


Count every vote? Yes, it appears that there are people who want to make sure every vote is counted and counted appropriately. Hooray for Democracy and free and fair elections. Something you apparently disagree with.


This isn’t true, of course. You should read your own link instead of counting on other people not reading it either.


The blue wave was a trickle and when he puts it in perspective, it was such a great night for conservatives, just look at Florida, and midterm elections are always like this except worse, and yet somehow left-wing elites are calling victory?

What a laugh!

The liberal bias in the media is helping socialists in the recount too and what kind of reporter calls the standing president of the United States a racist?

The liberal bias has been exposed as fact. The real question we should be asking, What can we do to help the American people?

Glad Sessions is gone too. He was stuck on fourth down and the president had to punt.


Such a great night for conservatives that dems now have the house. Ok.


Yep. Another reason why I am glad that I am no longer registered as a Republican.


Rick Scott live right now attacking Broward county. Claiming liberals are trying to steal the election!


we need some brooks brother rioters in this place!


один, два, три…


“Liberal activists and DC lawyers are trying to steal this election” “Votes appearing out of nowhere” “rampant fraud”.

Scott says he will call for police investigation, and will pursue every legal avenue available. Things just got real interesting.


I was too young for the 2000 election, kinda neat to see it happen again now.


Democratic Kyrsten Sinema is now in the lead by a slim margin.