Everybody ready for RECOUNTS?!?!

Why is Florida this way? Ah well, at least you’re not heading towards even more potential recounts in other states…

Oh no…

Well at least there’s no big runoffs…

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Embrace it! We will always be the USs oddball.

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Recounts and uncounted votes.

California style.

some seats will flip for sure once all the votes are counted.

remember HIllary’s popular vote victory steadily increasing with Callie votes.

Dems kill Reps in mail in ballots in Callie.

They have a month to count em all.


A month? Eesh.

So is 38 the max potential for Democratic gains in the house here, or could it go even higher?

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And we’re off!


And Governship:

Lemme guess…there were some chads hanging?

Nah there were legit quite a few premature calls this cycle, turnout was unusually high.

Hell, Gillum condeded already. His camp thought it was over too.

A Box 13 for you! A Box 13 for you! Box 13s for everydem!

Kemp stayed long enough to certify his own win, in yet another real story that’s nuttier than any fake story the Onion could write.

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Meanwhile in Florida…


You know who is not getting ready for a recall? Scott Walker thanks to his lack of foresight. So very funny.


Keep finding those trunk full of ballots.

You meant recount, but yes I can’t stop laughing about that.

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Yes, we at peak Florida now!

D pickup in Maine looks like as well.

Ranked voting is an excellent method, imo. Means third parties don’t ■■■■ with the vote anywhere near as much.

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Sore loser dems cant accept defeat


You shouldn’t accept defeat if you haven’t exhausted all your options.

Typical Trump supporter. Waxing poetically about the evils of the opposition while not understanding what is actually happening in reality. Good work! :roll_eyes:


The people decided the winner. Now the libs are going to cry foul and try to bring in judges to rule in their favor because they cant win on merit. Al Franken anyone???