Everybody ready for RECOUNTS?!?!



Down with the electoral college! Let the people decide!


You don’t want to make sure every vote is correctly counted?


I’m having recount PTSD from 20 years ago.


Don’t worry, the Wisconsin legislature is talking about passing a law to limit the governor’s power, which they increased with a law after Walker was elected, because that is what republicans do.


It’s amazing how the recounts always just happen to go in the dems favor. Probably all the lawyers.


Whos talking about judges? Automatic recounts are done when the vote is within .5% Its Florida law.


Good. I smell Republican shenanigans.



I spy Matt Schlapp.


How do votes mysteriously change from Republican to Democrat during recounts?


GOP cheaters.


The people WILL decide the winner, once all of the votes have been counted. And let the chips falls where they may.


Yeah, those doggone years of the Gore presidency. If only the repubs had brought more lawyers, Bush might have been president.


The mystery is that you don’t get it, because they don’t. Nor do they change from Democrat to Republican.


See! This stuff going on is why I have removed myself as a GOP voter. I can’t support a party that does crap like this.


I totally did mean recount. Having a hard time editing lately and seeing the whole post on the mobile site. Lol



The GOP is trying to stop - not a recount - but the initial counting of valid votes.


As I said. GOP shenanigans.


And guess what, if it was the other way around I guarantee the repub would want the same thing. Is him or her still a loser that can’t accept defeat or would you be like, “yeah! fight until the end against these cheating democrats”? I think we all know the answer to this. LOL!


No chads in CA :wink:


Were about to “accidentally” find some boxes of ballots in car trunks. I guarantee it.